Sending an email to follow up on a job interview

The do’s and don’ts of job interview follow-up

Following up is a good idea, but there are some things you need to watch out for.


3 ways introverts can master networking

Networking can be an exhausting task for anyone, and for introverts, it’s even worse. Here are some networking tips for those that hate networking.

Nurses - Public service jobs

Where to find 6-figure public service jobs

Planning a career in public service? You can earn a big salary…if you’re willing to travel. Here’s where to look for 6-figure public service jobs.

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Public speaking tips for introverts

Introversion isn’t something you need to overcome to be a great public speaker…it can actually help. Here’s why (and how).

flex work

Should flexible work hours be a legal right?

The Canadian government is considering a proposal to give Canadians the right to seek flexible work hours. Find out what that means.

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The words you’ve got to stop using in your emails this year

There are some disempowering and undermining words and phrases that so many people use in their emails that a new app has been developed to help you recognize and remove them.

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How to achieve anything

Do you dream of starting your own company? Writing a book? Switching careers? If you’re still dreaming, here’s how you can stop hitting snooze on your life’s to-do list.


Why you should be using emojis at work

We all have that coworker who uses emojis all the time in their work emails. Maybe it’s time for you to join them.

Canada's surprisingly achievable top 1% of earners

Are you a one-percenter? Why you might be closer than you think

While the top one percent of wage-earners in Canada earn well above average, it is not an unachievable income. And the Gen Y one-percenters barely crack the Sunshine List. Here’s why.

Nicole Wray