Best paying entry-level jobs

Canada’s highest-paying entry-level jobs available now

Here’s a look at some career paths that have current job openings for entry-level candidates and much higher than average starting salaries.

Worst job interview mistake

The biggest mistake at a job interview (and the one question you will always be asked)

Employers say this is the biggest mistake that candidates make, and it’s completely preventable.

10 best degrees to earn high starting salaries

10 degrees that can get you a $60,000 starting salary (and higher)

According to Payscale’s 2016-2017 college salary report, these are the top ten undergraduate degrees that can “pay you back.”

Photo courtesy of Tourism Saskatchewan

Saskatoon tops in health and competitive business environment

Saskatoon leads the nation in both life satisfaction and a competitive business environment, according to recent reports from two Canadian economic think tanks.

David Bowie

5 David Bowie quotes that will inspire you for the new year

David Bowie was a badass that inspired countless people around the world. Here are five quotes from the man himself that will inspire you for 2017.

Cool jobs

6 cool jobs you can get on Workopolis right now

Wish you had the kind of job you dreamed about when you were young? It’s never too late. Here are 6 cool jobs you can get on Workopolis right now.

phone interview

How to shine during a telephone interview

Before you can get an interview, you need to win them over on the phone. Here’s how.

winter saskatchewan

Embrace winter in Saskatchewan and meet new friends

Unless you’re a black bear, winter in Saskatchewan is no time to hibernate. Saskatchewan offers a large and varied menu of winter sports and activities that will keep you outdoors and enjoying the sunny, sunny skies 12 months a year — Saskatchewan is known as the sunniest province in Canada! Snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross-country and … Continue reading Embrace winter in Saskatchewan and meet new friends

Canadian salaries

So, how much are we earning? The average Canadian salaries by industry and region

What province has the highest salaries? We took a look at the latest numbers from StatsCan to find out average Canadian salaries by province and sector (including salary ranges for the most in-demand jobs in Canada right now).

Resume writing

What to include on your resume to get an IT job

We analyzed our resume database to see what the most viewed IT-related resumes had in common. Here’s what we found.