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Infographic: Why the other person got the job, and you didn't

Elizabeth Bromstein|

Have you ever wondered why the other person got the job and you didn’t? You probably have. So, we asked.

A Workopolis survey of over 300 hiring managers asked the question, “If it comes down to two job candidates with equal skills and work experience, what is the factor that will move you to hire one over the other?”

The answer might surprise you. It certainly surprised us.

Nearly half of respondents (45.37%) said they would choose the more enthusiastic candidate. This was followed in a distant second place by fit with the company culture, then that was followed in third place by sense of humour. These were really far behind, however. So, while you should absolutely consider them, it seems that, first and foremost, you should be sure to convey your enthusiasm for a position.

Check out the infographic below and read more about the study here.

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  • Luz Iglesias

    For years I’ve told candidates that if they remember one piece of interview advice, it should be to communicate interest. I’ve been in hundreds of interviews and sometimes I can’t even tell if the person being interviewed WANTS the job. So important to convey interest/enthusiasm if indeed you DO want the job.

    • Jukbo

      I disagree. All the jobs I’ve found were those in which I was not interested during the interview!!!! (My area is engineering NOT SALES)

  • grace

    I was a really enthusiastic person but now since somehow I can not find a job my enthusiasm is going low. After graduation i was on a maternity leave and after my mother had a heart attack and I became single mother and there where other problems within family and I had a part time job. currently i try to get a nursing job. Can someone tell me what should I do now ??

  • David Gay

    So…what it basically boils down to is the sales job instead of the qualifications. No wonder there are so many overqualified people driving taxis or working minimum wage jobs.

    The problem is not with the person, it’s the economy. It’s anaemic in job production and the government and Corporate Canada need to partner up to get the unemployed back to work.

    • Richard Derek

      David, you have hit the nail again. If someone tells an employer that they received a degree with Honours then obviously the person is intelligent, and then the person obviously is not stupid. Employers need to learn to give people a chance.