Man sends cat poop to companies that didn't hire him

Elizabeth Bromstein|

We’ve all gotten incredibly frustrated with the job search at some point in our lives. So frustrated that we start entertaining revenge fantasies – like the guy who didn’t hire you gets fired, while, in the meantime you land a terrific job in a management position, so he finds himself on the other side of the desk with you in the power position and you get to say “I’m so sorry but you’re not the right fit. Good luck in your search, by which I mean I’M NOT REALLY SORRY AND I HOPE YOU NEVER FIND A JOB, JERK!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

That is, of course, complex and unlikely to actually happen.

In real life, you could just mail the company cat poop. I’m just kidding. DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THAT.

This guy did, though.

A St. Louis man was so mad when companies didn’t hire him that he wrapped up some cat poop and sent it to them by mail.

The St. Louis Dispatch reports that 58-year-old Jevons Brown has been sentenced to two years’ probation after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of “mailing injurious articles.”

A U.S. Postal Inspection Service spokesman said that investigators tracked 20 such packages to Brown.

Brown, a veteran, was frustrated by his lack of employment opportunities. He apologized in court, saying “I’m sorry. This will never happen again.”

While this is obviously a really terrible idea, it’s hard not to sympathize with him.

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  • David Gay

    Of course it’s hard not to sympathize with him. In a video on YouTube I did entitled “1000” where I recorded how depressed I was because I was out of work for so long, I addressed revenge fantasies by citing one woman who wrote a nasty letter to the San Diego Padres after not being hired for a position in the organization. She felt she was being played games with one time too many and decided to take the course of action she did.

    I’ve been out of full time work for 4 years now. I’ve had “emotional flat tire” days where I didn’t care about anything because my job search was at best giving me gigs and temp work. When you get told “you did not get the job” so often, rejected so many times, played like a fiddle by the games the interview process has become, there comes a point you feel like nothing matters. When you get to that point, you either get depressed or you do what Cat-Poop Guy did in order to release the venom and toxin that builds up inside you before it consumes you from inside.

    I’m not advocating that people do extreme acts such as this. Having said this, I get what this person did and how badly he felt and how he hurt inside. Perhaps it would have been better to simply write an angry letter like that woman did to the San Diego Padres, or vent his spleen like I did in my YouTube video “1000” or my job search blog.

    Sometimes employers don’t realize how they treat job-seekers can really emotionally wound.

    The 1000 video I spoke of can be viewed here:

    The now infamous angry letter to the San Diego Padre mentioned: (warning: language)

    • Ruth Elizabeth Bromstein

      I hear you David. I hope you find work soon.

      • David Gay

        Thank you for the kind well wishes. Since recording that video I ran out of money and was forced to relocate to Kitchener where I currently am in the process of a life and career reboot. While I am still unemployed, my job search continues. Like I said in the video, I have to keep trying.

    • Richard Derek

      I concur. It is hard out there to land a job and many employers simply do not have realistic goals for what they want. I remember once applying for a job stocking shelves in a store at the local mall when I was out of work. I had done this job before at another company.

      The ‘Apply Now’ sign stayed up for several weeks. I went back and submitted my Resume again. Still no phone call. Finally I went in and asked to talk to the manager. He had claimed I was over qualified as I had a college diploma! The sign ended up being up for four months before he found the ‘right’ applicant. However, at least he could have had somebody for those four months if he hired me.

      • David Gay

        Ah, the overqualified comment. My favourite. As I said in a blog post about that a while back, overqualified means you have the needed skills but have a lot more to offer, all for the same wage.

        You could have indeed done that position as a short term contract until the manager found someone else, and everyone would have won regardless of whether you worked out or not, but some employers can be short-sighted when it comes to the big picture. No biggie, though: clearly he did not deserve you as an employee and I hope you doing well in your current employment situation.

  • Ruth Elizabeth Bromstein

    I hear you David. I hope you find work soon.

  • OneceAbammaEr

    `a GREAT terrible idea, it’s hard not to sympathize with him` !!!
    Let`s think what will be `next step` on this ?
    Press T for to late…
    Press B to explode!

    • Darcy Hudjik

      I get his frustration, but doing stuff like this only ensures that you’ll be remembered by those you sent the poop to negatively, and consequently will be blackballed by them.