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Study: People who have more sex also earn more money

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I’ve written before about the sometimes non-performance related ways that people end up making more money. Well, there’s a new one in the news this week, and it falls into the ‘some people have it all’ category. New research shows that people who have sex more often also earn higher wages.

An academic report from the Study of Labor in Germany has looked at 7,500 Greek households over the course of a year. Along with other data, the subjects shared how frequently they had sex, what their jobs were, and how much money they made.

It turns out that the magic number is four. Those people who had sex more than four times a week earned significantly more money (5% more) than their less lucky colleagues.

There’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing going on with this. For example, people who earn more money may be more appealing on the dating market and therefore have more frequent access to sexual partners. (It’s hard to date when you’re broke.)

On the flip side, people who are having frequent sex are often happier and healthier than those who aren’t. That state of well-being can lead to a more positive attitude and more confidence at work.

Other stories we have published on the reasons that people get ahead at work and earn more money frequently come to similar conclusions that happier, more confident individuals tend to do better on the job and rise faster through the ranks.

So in conclusion, while having more sex can lead to earning more money – earning more money can also lead to having more sex.

And in the results of the Study of Labor report, “The Effect of Sexual Activity on Wages,” it was also those participants between the ages of 26 and 50-years old who had both the largest paycheques and the most robust sex lives.

The study’s authors were careful to point out that simply going out and having more sex won’t necessarily guarantee you a raise at work. But then again, it might – and really what have you got to lose by trying? You just might get lucky.

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  • Ron Thibodeau

    Chicken and egg indeed!

  • Nancy

    Don’t ask, don’t tell, sport a big smile! Everyone already knows what happened.

    • Rafael Ulloa

      you have a beautiful smile.

      • disqus_tnEnvE0ACD

        U can kill people giving this beautiful smile

    • fortune

      A big smile a sign of a fullfilled woman in bed.

  • Lee

    Porn stars are not doing it for love and on another note some of them make a whole lot of money. Also rednecks seem to have lots of sex and lots of kids but they are not rich either so I think it comes to confidence and disire.

  • john

    i think these articles are kind of stupid …

    • disqus_tnEnvE0ACD

      U r right. This article will make people more crazy

  • Some Guy

    The government and lawmakers make lots of money…

  • Leah Sweeney

    Once I put on my resume one of my favourite activities as masturbating and I got an interview at the place where I applied for work. I didn’t get the job, but I got the interview. Do activities like that work in one’s favour?

  • john

    so now I understand why every guys reaction to a wife complaining that he does not make enough money starts with “oh f*&% me…..”

    • Diane Boucher

      All you guys are very funny and perhaps if a high income earner were more sexier it would depend on the peeps! just sayin

  • Andrew

    possibly you need to say “those who have more money can have more sex thn others” ? one reason might be that have more time to do that, instead of someone who is working hard to meet needs :) that’s a funny study with no point at all

  • J B

    By the comment left so far, I can see that there are not much of you who have good sex….

  • What ever

    No kidding having sex does elevate wages. More they fuck at work more they earn and higher positions they get.

  • What ever

    No kidding more they fuck at work more wages, better and faster they claim the ladder.

  • What ever

    No kidding more they fuck at work better wages they get, faster they climb the ladder and positions they get

  • What ever

    No kidding more they fuck at work more wages they get, faster they climb the ladder and better positions they get. Zion.

  • What ever

    Ha, ha, ha…. more sex and more sex. No need for fertility clings.

  • Jimbo Bogie

    I’m not certain that I’d call it a representative sample, doncha think?

  • Dan Desmarais

    ahh porn stars do have a lot of money,and when they retire they usually have more money because they invest for the future.

    As you can imagine the body doesn’t hold up forever
    Anybody seen a 75 year old porn star lately?

  • Dan Desmarais

    Sarah your right, a lot more sex would put the spring back in our walk and a snap in our pants.

    Hey remember kindergarten, the sleep break,maybe we could implement in the workplace a sex break!!! something to think about…lol

  • Ricardo Couvato

    Especially if you Screw your Ugly Boss………….

    • smscamp

      Yep, that is where having sex and making more money really justifies this study

  • smscamp

    The fact some govt used taxpayer money to have a study on this, especially when governmenst all over the world are broke, shows the most sex politicians have involve being F*****D in the head

  • gfsh

    This is the dumbest shit I ever heard in my entire life.

  • Keith Rodgers

    Its more to do with the opposite sex wanting a good lifestyle at somebody elses expense, ticket to ride literally. When the individual loses their power or wealth the hangers on are off like a shot.

  • Farhad

    This is meaningless, because more sex makes more tired and kill the energy to work…

  • Rob

    I agree with those who suggest more sex in your life usually means a happier person, both at home and at work. Happiness at your job, usually leads to better work relationships, nurturing, and from there, promotions and raises are a seemingly natural byproduct. Now, if I could just charm that lovely woman in Accounting…LOL.

  • Olive D

    One-word reason for more sex and more money: testosterone. It also accounts for a third common element, that these folks tend to be more physically fit. Sad for the less than optimally-supplied, whatever that is… but take comfort in knowing the hot-shots will probably go bald sooner. Well, the men will. Statistically.

  • Jukbo

    So, why Escorts are poor?

  • Wacky Bonds

    Those sex doesn’t result in positive attitude and more confidence in your life. That’s why.

  • Sarah Marden

    I would be more positive and have more confidence if I could get sex as much as a porn star. Though, I don’t know if I would be richer…

  • disqus_tnEnvE0ACD

    Hi Sarah,
    You can be richer. how ever you might not disclose it because of paying income tax. Porn star can earn more money then any other profession because no capital cost involve with few risk… so get ready try it … then let me know progress at

  • Cambridge1

    Hello Sarah, I see three things that need addressing in your message. 1) Being more positive. 2) Having more confidence, and 3) getting as much sex as a porn star. My name is Tony and I too seem to need those same things. Since all of these things can be achieved by having lots of sex and increase our financial incomes at the same time as the article suggests, we should become business partners and begin working on the sex ASAP.

    I’m not as good as I could be but better than I look. With practice I’ll improve!

    Sarah, I am being silly but just could not resist!

  • Wacky Bonds

    Sarah, are you sure that will increase your happiness? Overall well being increases your productivity. And in general, more productivity = more money. Just having sex to quench your lust won’t increase your productivity.

  • fortune

    i can give you more sex and pleasure than a porn star, only if you will let