The best day to apply for a job

The best (and worst) days to apply for a job

Peter Harris|

I heard a discussion on the radio this morning, and they were talking about the best day of the week to apply for a job. According to the DJs, it’s Tuesday, and they’re not alone in thinking this.

A new study out this month by compared the timing and the success rates of job applications. It turns out that Tuesday is actually the most common day of the week that people choose to apply for new jobs. However, it’s not the most successful day to apply.

The Bright study defines a successful application as one that moves the candidate further along the hiring process – usually by securing an interview. While at 37% of job seekers, most people apply for jobs on Tuesdays, this group has only a 20% success rate.

Saturday turns out to be the worst day to apply for a job, with only a 14% success rate for candidates. So it’s fortunate that only 5% of people apply for jobs on Saturdays.

The most successful day to apply for a job? It turns out that (somewhat predictably) it’s Monday. 30% of candidates who applied for jobs on a Monday made it through to the next round of the hiring process.

This is likely because Monday resumes are on top of the pile when hiring managers start their work week and so get read first. The fact that the candidate didn’t wait that extra day can also indicate that they are more motivated and enthusiastic about the job.

So the next time you have the ‘Monday blues’ at work and find that job opportunity that you think might take your career in a more positive direction, don’t hesitate, don’t sleep on it. Keep your resume up to date so that you’re ready to apply that very Monday. You could have a 10% higher chance of landing an interview.

Oh, and if you can – schedule that interview for the morning. A recent Harvard study found that interviewers tend to rate the first people they speak with higher than those they meet with later. So if you can meet with your potential employer first thing in the morning when they’re fresh, you’ll tend to make a more lasting, positive impression.

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  • Marisa Baratta

    Now that’s interesting! Stats like these can be very helpful and really provide some insight into the job industry. Fascinating stuff.

  • Douglas James

    This is not a study. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. More people will now wait until Monday to apply for jobs. Chances are, however, the success rate will not go up accordingly because the ‘gene’ pool will now be watered down resulting in a completely different outcome for the next ‘scientists’ who have nothing better to do than this kind of foolish research.

  • Eric James Thomson

    With the increased us of electronic resume scanning tools the submission date should really have minimal impact. As long as the appropriate triggers are in the submission then the tools should select those resumes. I do agree with the concept of interviewing first thing in the morning but that may be more because that’s my productive time of day.

  • dario

    Oh no !!! What we going to do ?
    Now that lots of people got this information, Monday will change to be the worst day for recruiters, they’ll be overwhelm by the higer amount of applications, having said that don’t aplly on Monday, could be the worst day of your recruiter, and if you apply to early, lets say 4:00 am, maybe you show anxiety for geting employed or even worst, they can think you have insomnia, condition of “sleeper” at work and they’ll not consider you for an interview..( research of job search expert).

  • Khrishna

    Yes you are right Mr Douglas James. As far as I am concerned it depends on how you impress the person on the other side of the desk! OR if that person is in a good frame of mind. We are all human beings and maybe interviewers are in their week on Tuesdays depending when the workweek starts for that person. Interviews are very subjective and if the interviewer does not like the look of the interviewee then regardless which day it is you WILL not be hired!! Period! Lots of factors for someone to get hired!!!

  • Sherrie Vitello

    I have a question. What is the best way to go about job searching when a person doesn’t have a vehicle, no money coming in at all, has only a state ID & is desperate to find a steady job?

  • Mississauga_Dad

    Hiring managers and employment agencies (headhunters) don’t bother to actually read and evaluate candidates’ résumés and cover letters anymore. They simply look for the résumés that have the most acronyms listed that agree with the list of acronyms that has been provided in the job description. There is no consideration for actual talent, experience, expertise, or communication ability – just check boxes on acronyms lists. Is it any wonder that the technology industries are always crying there is a ‘skills shortage’. The only real shortage is a lack of people skilled in actually knowing HOW TO HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE rather than the best list of acronyms.