Top jobs available for entry-level candidates

The top twenty entry-level jobs that are hiring right now (and what they pay)

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The unemployment rate for young workers is still around twice the national average, hovering around the 14% range as it has since the start of the recession in 2009. With this in mind, the Workopolis team decided to take a look at for which jobs employers are actively seeking student and entry-level candidates right now.

The job postings falling into these categories are made up of two distinct kinds of occupations. There are those roles that are filled by students and candidates without necessarily having a professional degree or certification. And there are also those occupations where the demand is so high that graduates are sought after right out of school as soon as they obtain their credentials.

So here are those jobs with the latest salary information provided by the federal government’s Working in Canada website and links to currently available job postings on Workopolis.

The top ten jobs posted for Student / entry-level candidates:

  • Customer Service Representative (Average wage: $16.50/hour) [View jobs]
  • Sales Associate / Representative (Average wage: $40,000/year + commission) [View jobs]
  • Technical Support Representative (Average wage: $50,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Administrative Assistant (Average wage: $36,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Account Manager (Average wage: $66,560/year) [View jobs]
  • Cashier (Average wage: $10.50/hour) [View jobs]
  • Receptionist (Average wage: $33,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Grocery Clerk (Average wage: $11/hour) [View jobs]
  • Merchandiser (Average wage: $39,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Beauty Advisor (Average wage: $11/hour) [View jobs]

The top jobs where graduates are sought immediately after finishing school:

  • Registered Nurse (Average wage: $72,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Personal support worker (Average wage: $32,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Business Analyst (Average wage: $75,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Financial advisor (Average wage: $64,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Physiotherapist (Average wage: $71,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Marketing coordinator (Average wage: $48,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Pharmacist (Average wage: $84,765/year) [View jobs]
  • Accountant (Average wage: $59,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Occupational therapist (Average wage: $73,000/year) [View jobs]
  • Human Resources Assistant (Average wage: $44,720/year) [View jobs]

Although the job market remains sluggish in some parts of the country, and landing that first job can be a challenge for younger workers, employers are actively seeking entry-level candidates.

Here are the skillsets that Canadian CEOs say that they are most looking to hire.


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  • David Gay

    Great article, except for one important issue that was mentioned in the news a while back. There is a lot of competition for those entry-level positions across generations, including my group of the 40 to 50 age bracket, for those same entry level positions.

  • Ray

    I have viewed many of the positions by clicking on the links provided. Many require at least five years of experience according to the job postings.

    • David Gay

      Especially the cashier position. Past cashier experience? Really? How long does it take to train someone on a POS these days? Sounds like the employers are either inflating a false sense of importance in the job or are too lazy to train.

      • David Baker

        staffing agency’s are taking over.i had 7 in my town 2 weeks ago now i have cant get a job the normal way anymore and it has become a staffing agency has become impossible to get a job unless you are signed up with every temp agency otherwise you dont know which ones have work available.they post that they do but when you apply same old same old.sorry we dont have any positions at the moment can we put you on stand bye.really frustrating .wish the government would step in and put a limit on how many temp agencies are allowed per city

        • David Gay

          I’m currently registered with five temporary agencies in the Kitchener/Waterloo area….Express personnel, MaxSys, Randstad, Grand River Personnel, and OfficeTeam. I call every Monday morning (including today) to let them know I’m raring to go. Not much in responses so far.

  • Kelvin Jiang

    this article is full of unrealistic information, especially on the salaries. if you do a little search or if you are active job seeker, you will find the listed salaries are often much higher. For one who could get to the salary level in this article, one needs very strong background. For instance,

    The top jobs where graduates are sought immediately after finishing school:
    Business Analyst (Average wage: $75,000/year) [View jobs]

    this salary level is definitely not for new grads

    • ABC

      Thanks for your comments. When I made job search and salary comparison, I always found salary survey posted on internet job sites were way much higher than what was heard in the market.

  • Tracy Rothwell

    I agree with a lot of the comments below. Two of my teens are just getting into the market. One finally got a job at McDonalds after applying a year ago (she only had babysitting experience when she started) and my youngest who is 16 has just entered the market with only babysitting experience can’t even get a callback from any of the “student” level positions she’s applied for, like McDonalds.
    If we don’t give our youth the opportunity to show off their work habits & skills, how are they supposed to value taking responsibility for themselves? How are they supposed to live as adults without any life experience? It’s no wonder there are so many that take the easy way out, get pregnant and get caught up in the welfare system.
    It’s really sad to see the disappointment in my daughters face when she gets an “I’m sorry but you do not qualify for this position” email. Yet if you’re working a government job, you can get your brother, sister, mother, daughter, son in there quicker than you can say boo.
    Yes there are lots of jobs, but the job to employee ratio is way off balance. In the mindset of these businesses, there is no one qualified to fill many of these positions. No one is willing to train our youth.
    I’m 40, a single mother, working full time and supplementing my income with random part time and seasonal jobs, in a field that I chose & returned to school to do, for 10yrs @ $13.18/hr without an increase in wage for 3yrs. There is no room for advancement and although they profess the encouragement of continuous learning, there are so many hoops to jump through, that by the time you do get accepted, the course is over. You have to wait until the following year to register for said course AND make the request through management again.
    I am actively looking for any way that I can self educate and improve on my job skills, so that in 25-30yrs I can retire, without living on the streets, after working my entire life.
    If I seem to be ranting, I am because like most people I am frustrated and angry about this whole situation. Thanks for listening anyway

    • Dr Manoj

      I do appreciate your great efforts and care to your family !

  • tokenasianguy

    Account managers are considered student and/or entry level? And marketing coordinators are sought immediately after finishing school? Maybe if “sought” means getting at the back of a really long line, of equally educated and actually experienced marketing coordinators then yeah…