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How your personality type affects your career, education, and income

Elizabeth Bromstein|

Wondering what to do with your life? Try taking a personality test.

The best known of these, the Myers-Briggs, assesses you based on a series of questions and assigns you a MBTI type, such as ESTJ: extraversion (E), sensing (S), thinking (T), judgment (J); or INFP: introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F), perception (P).

From there, you can apparently figure out the career for which you are best suited.

You have to pay to take the one attached to this infographic from Career Assessment Site but there are free versions available online, such as this one from HumanMetrics.

I’d take it with a grain of salt, though. I just took it and was told I was an ISFJ: introversion (I), sensing (s), feeling (f), judgment (j). And, if there’s one thing we can say for sure about me, it’s that I am not an introvert. Judgmental, yes. But the rest of it? I don’t know. And, apparently, I should go into social work or counseling, and am good at organization. I can’t tell you how wrong that is.

Still it’s fun, and may be more accurate for you. You can take the test here, and view your career suggestions, while the below infographic will tell you things like the strengths and weaknesses, and average household income for your type.


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  • thenomad

    I have taken the official one at 3 various stages of my life for different reasons, and even this free test is consistent with the results I always get: INTJ/INFJ because my T and F always are about equal in the results. I find it fairly accurate. How you interpret introversion and judging abilities could be part of the problem. Still, knowing this information can lead to the danger of labelling people, unfortunately, which can prevent them from changing aspects about their personalities they may wish to.

  • 1whitehorse1

    @Elizabeth Bromstein – the ISFJ is one of the ‘more extroverted’ introverts. I see this all the time. A lot of ISFJs behave like Es. For example, the ENTP is considered the most introverted extrovert. (I would know, I live with one. …I’m an INFJ). There is a sliding scale for introversion and extroversion; it’s actually measuring how you interpret and react to stimuli, not necessarily how ‘social’ you are or aren’t. You can be the most social introvert the world has ever seen, but you’re still an introvert by nature and design.

  • accessability

    Elizabeth, it sounds like you took an on-line assessment which may not have been debrief with someone certified to interpret it. When I do the assessment with someone we arrive at a final “type” by discussing the meaning of the findings. If the assessment is inaccurate I work with the person to determine what is right for them
    Introversion in the MBTI indicates where your energy comes from and where your attention goes to. Also, I would like to point out that the JUDGING function does NOT indicate that you are judgmental, but that you prefer to have a plan and work the plan. Again, it would be best determined by working with someone training in interpreting the MBTI.
    I often use MBTI as a starting point when helping people move on with their careers. I have never had a client who did not find some helpful information in the results of the assessment.