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Be part of the crew on one of the Royal Canadian Navy’s frigates, destroyers, submarines or other vessels. Discover what it takes to be a sailor. Join an elite team that is ready to respond to conflicts and emergencies around the globe at a moment’s notice.


Join the men and women who defend Canada’s sovereignty and values at home and overseas. Learn to live by the highest standards of military excellence. Experience the mix of action and adventure, camaraderie and commitment that are part of a career in the Canadian Army.

Air Force

Become a member of one of the world’s most respected air fleetsforces. Patrol the skies in defence of Canada’s sovereignty or in support of international missions abroad. Or join the ground crews that work on this country’s most sophisticated aircraft. Join the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Life in the Reserve Force

Serve your country without leaving your community. Contribute to the Naval, Army, Air or Health Services Reserve Force in just a few days a month. Have the option (but not the obligation) of serving overseas. Serve part-time as a member of the Reserve Force.

Benefits & Perks

The Forces value family

When not participating in a training exercise or operation, most military members work a regular eight-hour day, receive family health care benefits, opportunities to travel with family, and living options on or near base for a better life balance. The Military Family Resource Centres are staffed by trained professionals to help with your family’s needs.

Get in the best shape of your life

Maintaining a high level of fitness means that our members are dependable, capable and physically prepared. To stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle, the Forces provides outstanding fitness and sports facilities, sports programs, trainers, nutrition and weight-management programs, competitions and more.


One of the most respected militaries in the world, the Forces welcomes applicants from all genders, religions, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Cultural dress and traditions are respected in the Forces, and uniforms can be tailored to reflect Canada’s unique diversity.

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