Career profiles

The Beaverton, Miguel Rivas

The Beaverton’s Miguel Rivas has sweaty hands

Rejoice! The Beaverton is now on TV. We talked to co-anchor Miguel Rivas about what it takes to work in comedy, making the jump to TV, and the benefits of sweaty hands.

Eden Ashley Mint Notion

How to make money blogging

Can you really make money blogging? Yes, you can. To find out how, we spoke with Eden, the blogger behind the travel and personal finance blog Mint Notion.

Roger Travassos

What’s it like being a real estate agent?

Ever wondered what it was like working in real estate? To find out, we spoke to real estate agent Roger Travassos.

David Stone

A day in the life of a professional caddie

What’s it like being a professional caddie? To find out, we spoke to David Stone, who works on the PGA Tour for Mark Anderson.

scott gomez

Scott Gomez talks life after hockey

What happens when a hockey player retires? Scott Gomez discusses life after hockey, and how he wants to give back.

Chef Michael Smith

“I never really left PEI”: Chef Michael Smith on going back to your roots

Chef Michael Smith is back at The Inn at Bay Fortune, the restaurant that made him famous. See what he has to say about what it takes to be a great chef, working in TV, and what he’s learned going back home.

neil fisher

This man got paid to travel Saskatchewan

Meet Neil Fisher, the Saskatchewanderer for 2016. For the last year, his mission has been to travel Saskatchewan and share his adventures with the world.

Flight attendant

What’s it like working as a flight attendant?

What’s it really like working as a flight attendant? To get the inside scoop, we spoke with a flight attendant from WestJet.


Wine jobs: a day in the life of a wine agent

Do you love wine? Do your friends and family members call on you for your heightened sense of taste? A career in the wine industry may be for you.

happy young female barista

What your #firstsevenjobs say about you

A simple question posed by Twitter use @mariancall has started what has become our favourite trend: #firstsevenjobs. What were your first seven jobs? And what does that say about you?