Salary negotiation

5 salary negotiation tricks to raise the offer

When it comes to negotiating salary, it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few ways you can raise that offer.

Getting a raise

How to get the raise you deserve (eventually)

It may be performance review season, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right time to ask for a raise. You can, however, lay the groundwork for the future.

Why women should negotiate salary

Why women should always negotiate their salary (especially in tech)

Women make up more than half the US workforce, but they still earn less than men. Here’s why they should always ask for more money, especially in the male-dominated tech industry.

what to say when negotiating a salary

6 things you should never say when negotiating a salary

When it comes to asking for a raise, preparation is key. Here are a few things that are better left unsaid.