The one skill that is in 93% of job postings

How to demonstrate in your resume the one skill that turns up in 93% of job postings

Focussing on the skills that employers really want, and showing (not just telling) that you have used them successfully in the past, can be the secret resume ingredient that turns applications into interviews.

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The definitive list of resume dos and don’ts. Don’t break these rules.

There are resume rules you should not break. Here they are. Live by them and you will drastically increase your chances of getting the great job you deserve.

What happens to your resume after you apply for a job?

Application revelation: What really happens to your resume after you apply for a job?

Wondering why your professional resume isn’t receiving any response at all from employers? Here’s what really goes on after you hit ‘send’ – and what went wrong with your application.

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The seven most successful job search strategies for 2015

Surveyed career experts list the most successful job search tactics being employed today. Try these tips to successfully land the position you want.

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Five things to cut from your writing right now

Your writing can make or break your chances at getting the job, and affect how much money you make over the course of your career. Here are five things you should cut from your documents to make them stronger.

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Hey trivia nerds, how many of these facts about money, work, and careers did you already know?

Who invented the resume, money, and the weekend? What’s the most common job in North America and what profession pays the most in Canada? Wonder no more.

Common resume skills that are obsolete in 2014

Ten work skills that are obsolete in 2014

There are numerous phrases that at one time were commonly listed as resume skills and searched for by employers that have been used less and less frequently over the past decade. Including these now makes your resume look out-of-date.

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Senior exec brought down in the midst of a promotion – for a resume falsehood from years earlier

Even a small lie about your past can be hanging over your head well into the future. Walmart’s vice president of communications resigned last week after it came out that he hadn’t actually earned the university degree listed on his resume.


Infographic: the top five resume fails

It’s actually quite likely that you’re making one of these extremely common resume errors. The good news is they’re easy to fix.

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Five non-traditional resume formats to make yours stand out from the pack

The standard resume can be boring, not least for the candidate sending it out. Here are five technology-enhanced ideas you can use to do something different and interesting with your application.