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Dynamic. Diverse. Exciting. Brampton is Canada's second fastest growing city... a place where you're invited to imagine a future of growth, opportunity and job satisfaction. Great opportunities are found in Brampton. Home to over 524,000 people, we are the nation's 9th largest city and the third largest in the Greater Toronto Area. Our population is incredibly multicultural, representing people from more than 175 distinct ethnic backgrounds, speaking over 70 different languages.

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Employees of the City of Brampton are drawn by many qualities: our commitment to excellence and innovation; our dedication to outstanding customer service; an evolving corporate culture that values training, professional development and the opportunity for career advancement; safe, clean and productive work environments; our open, accountable management style; and the sense of camaraderie and teamwork that infuse our culture.

Our Goal

As an employer, we constantly seek employees who are energized by bringing our mission statement to life... "to be a vibrant, safe and attractive City of opportunity where efficient services make it possible for families, individuals and the business community to grow, prosper and enjoy a high quality of life".

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