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how to write a resume for a sales job

Workopolis data shows how to write a resume for a sales job

We recently analyzed our resume database to pick out the keywords recruiters are searching for in sales. Here’s how to tailor your resume.

Writing down thoughts

How to optimize your resume for the 10-second skim

When a recruiter opens your resume, you’re on the clock…and you only have ten seconds (or less). Here’s how to make sure you get their attention.


How to choose the right resume format

So many formats, so little time. Which one do you choose? Here’s our guide to picking a resume format that works for you.

Tailor your resume

How to tailor your resume to any job posting

If you want a hiring manager to see your resume and think: “This person is perfect,” you need to tailor your resume to the job posting. Here’s how.

Job description

Your Job Description is Killing Your Career

The one simple thing that is very likely to kill your career prospects is to diligently do your job day after day.