If you’re like me, you probably spend a significant amount of time every day on your phone, tablet or computer. Whether it’s for work or personal use, our devices act as our personal assistants, entertainment units, communication tools, and so much more. Now, it’s time to make your technology work for your work day. Boost your productivity, and ease your work related stress with these 10 great apps to help you rock your work day.


Google Now

Say hello to your personal digital assistant. Google Now gives you the information you need before you need to search for it. From getting the weather to finding the best route to avoid traffic, or even checking the score for the big game, find what you need to help make your day great.

Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free




For those of you with time management issues, this one is a life saver! RescueTime is an app for your internet browser that helps track exactly how you’ve spent your day, creating detailed reports based on your activity.

Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Price: Free




Solo is a handy computer management system for freelance work. Track your projects, time your work flow, organize files and more. It’s easy and stress free.

Available for: Mac and PC

Price: Free




Organize your thoughts and take them everywhere you go with this hugely popular integrated app. Evernote is a notebook and productivity program that functions as a paperless office. Share your files across all your screens and have them easily accessible to you – wherever you are.

Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free




With this handy app, you can save blog posts, articles, videos and more from the internet to view later – offline! Save from your web browser or from over 1500+ apps. View it all without connecting to the internet, so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth charges.

Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Price: Free




Paperwork has never been easier with this paperless app. PandaDoc allows you to electronically create, deliver and sign documents of all types. From contracts, proposals, quotes and more, create it and send it off in no time.

Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Price: Free for smartphones. $19/month and up for Mac and PC.




Keep up to date on news, videos, blogs, and more with this popular RSS system. Save content for later or search what you’re looking for. Find it all in one handy app.

Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Price: Free



Scanbot 5

You never know when you might need to scan something on the go. Turn your phone into a scanner with Scanbot 5.

Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free




The more apps you have, the more passwords you have to remember. If you have trouble keeping your passwords straight, this app will store and manage all your passwords for easier accessibility.

Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Price: Free 30-day trial, $5USD/month after




With an acronym that stands for If This Then That, this app may be one of the most useful ones for organising your life online. This app works by connecting multiple causes and effects in a “recipe”. Set your preferences and let it handle everything you need.

Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Price: Free






Our work lives can be busy, stressful and ever overwhelming all at the same time. Headspace helps you steal a moment for a little meditation. Take a breather and keep your mind healthy to help you rock your work day every day.

Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Price: Free for the first 10 days, $12.95/month after




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