Watch out people in the C-suite – or just the cushy corner cubicle with the nice view. Nearly half of Canadian workers think they could do their boss’s job as well as or better than that boss.

But don’t worry. It’s not all bad news.

A survey posted on found that half of over 1,500 respondents (49%) say they actually like their boss. A quarter (24%) “do not like” their boss, and another quarter don’t feel one way or the other, ticking the box “I am neutral about my boss.”

Asked “Who’s smarter, you are your boss,” 18% of people responded that they are smarter, 33% think the boss is smarter, and 49% say they’re equally smart.

Which brings us to who can do the higher-level job better: fifty per cent think the boss does the boss’s job better than they could, while 18% (presumably the same 18% that thinks they’re smarter) say they could do it better, and 32% think they could do as good a job.

So, while nearly 50% of bosses can rejoice anyway. The other half better watch out. As we all know, no job is safe.

And, if 50% are content with their superior now, 67% say they have at some point had a boss they hated.

Among the top reasons given for hating a boss was micro-management.

In a “fill in the box” section in which respondents were asked to explain what they hated about the boss in question, arrogance and “micro-management,” or that boss being a control freak or “bully” were the most common complaints.

One respondent wrote, “I would often see her reflection on my computer monitor while she stood behind me looking at what I was doing.”

Other issues that came up frequently were giving a lack of credit or respect; exhibiting abusive or angry behaviour; and that the boss was untrustworthy, “condescending,” “rude”, and/or “incompetent.”

People also complained that their bosses had displayed sexism or favoritism, gossiped, smelled bad, were “bossy,” and were either drunk or doing drugs.


Organizations would do well to take heed, since a bad relationship with one’s superior is the number on reason people quit jobs. Bad bosses cost companies money.

Below are some of the more alarming reasons people gave for hating a boss. Perhaps they will make you appreciate yours.

    “He was psychotic – always yelling and screaming about stupid little things like the coffee pot having caffeinated instead of decaf and 5 minutes later changing his mind.”

    “He was an unpredictable tyrant who could be in a good mood one hour and a bad mood the next. Snorting cocaine in the men’s room probably didn’t help matters.”

    “It was pretty hard to respect her when, instead of doing her job, she was doing lines of coke in the bathroom at work.”

    “Screaming, swearing and deliberately trying to undermine me. Also, throwing the stapler at me did not help.”

    “Didn’t listen, was egotistical and self-righteous and only liked people who quite literally broke the law or turned a blind eye to her breaking the law.”

    “He would hold onto waiters tips and/or paychecks if they did something to piss him off. He knew if they took him to court he would lose but figured a lowly waiter couldn’t afford it…He also kept tips from hotel staff from a long term guest, when it was found out what he did he explained that he needed new shoes.”

    “He decided that we had too many people in one department, so he laid one off. But he made sure that everyone in the department felt the pain by drawing the process out unnecessarily. He spoke to everyone in the department, and the very last one was the person who was let go – like 10 little Indians.”

    “Cries when she doesn’t get what she wants.”

    “He was a pervert who always stared at my breasts.”

    “Didn’t provide adequate training for my job, and then would say things like “I’m disappointed in how your training is going.”

    “She hated me. It was apparent with her tone, her glaring eyes, and her fake facial impressions when saying hello. I think it began when I refused to sign a document that she wanted me to fudge.”