Everyone needs a little help. That’s why we’re all here.

We’ve given a lot of career advice on this site, reported a lot of career and workplace news, and discussed many work and job-related studies, like the one that found bosses are more likely to be psychopaths than underlings.

Here, we’ve condensed a large part of all that information into bite-sized chunks, perfect for checking out now, filing away for later, or sharing.

We’ve got all the tips you will ever need on resume writing, job searching, workplace behaviour and just general information.

We hope you find these 140 career tips in 140 characters useful!

General career-related tips, news and advice

1. Successful people don’t lie to themselves, they don’t give up and they do whatever it takes. http://bit.ly/1gEc1GP

2. “We’ll keep you in mind for future positions,” is just one of the lies employers tell you. http://bit.ly/1lUIqW2

3. Social intelligence is one of the skills you’ll need for the jobs of 2020. http://bit.ly/SifEab

4. Being funny can add to your success. Target yourself first. http://bit.ly/1k8Lt01

5. If you have a big ego, people are more likely to overlook your mistakes. http://bit.ly/1nHuMd3

6. Wear glasses and dye your hair brown are among the ways to seem smarter than you really are. http://bit.ly/1nHDpED

7. Charismatic people listen, remember names and tell good stories. http://bit.ly/1oOMXgJ

8. Cold calling is not dead. Go ahead. Cold call. http://bit.ly/1nHEex8

9. Never leave anyone else to clean up your mess. http://bit.ly/1jxOkLa

10. Don’t take it personally. Maybe the reason you didn’t get the job has nothing to do with you. http://bit.ly/1kxNHGM

11. Middle initials increase people’s perception of your status and intellect. http://bit.ly/SoiLNP

12. NEVER say “That’s not my job.” http://bit.ly/SoiXwq

13. If everyone around you is an idiot, the problem is probably you. http://bit.ly/1kxQCiw

14. Top leaders value personality over skills. Work on those people skills. http://bit.ly/T7f2Vw

15. Never say “I can’t.” http://bit.ly/1nHYpxx

16. If you want to know what someone thinks of you, look at their feet. http://bit.ly/1u9KBv1

17. There is one word that can basically ruin your credibility, and it is “basically.” http://bit.ly/1gAaTgr

18. Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know. Allowing others to teach you isn’t the same as admitting you’re stupid. http://bit.ly/1hM8dk3

19. Liars, drunks, and reactionaries are quick to wind up unemployed and unemployable. http://bit.ly/1kAHycT

20. You can earn an extra $732,000 by going to school. http://bit.ly/1nLKir2

21. If you don’t go to university, be self-taught, be innovative, & develop your skills on your own to get ahead. http://bit.ly/1x2Jujd

22. Cup your chin and look confident, even when you’re shaking inside. http://bit.ly/1pPP9nU

23. Don’t “follow your passion.” http://bit.ly/1jPcvVz

24. Jobseekers need to realize that looking for a job is a job. http://bit.ly/1p6Q4R6

25. Never wear orange to a job interview. http://bit.ly/1pFDYAS

26. Give up on your dream job. http://bit.ly/1nP8yZ9

27. Don’t apply for a job on Saturday. http://bit.ly/1uiwYdc

28. If you don’t want to lose your job to a robot, become a surgeon. http://bit.ly/1nfU2X3

29. Can’t find work? Move to Saskatchewan. http://bit.ly/1hzx8eg

30. Chat colleagues up & find a mentor to succeed in the first 20 days on the job. http://bit.ly/1hzxqSi

31. Don’t quit your job. Employed candidates are more valuable than unemployed candidates. http://bit.ly/1tITkT5

32. “The most important thing for people to recognize is that you can’t control the final outcome of your decisions.” http://bit.ly/UcrTqq

33. If you want to make money, don’t study counseling psychology. http://bit.ly/1obK9e8

34. Men: grow facial hair & people will view you more positively. http://bit.ly/1iY0fTh

35. Don’t check your texts during business lunches. Geez. http://bit.ly/1i65wYE

36. Don’t cry at work, you big baby. http://bit.ly/1kxZdTv

37. Have more sex to earn more money. Or vice versa. We’re not sure but people who have more sex also earn more money. http://bit.ly/1pTWtiu

38. Get fired to kickstart your life. http://bit.ly/1nlMh1M

39. Go into nursing and you’ll never be out of work. http://bit.ly/1oxlGyf

40. “Find something you like to do. Work hard to become good at it. Be as nice as possible to everyone you meet.” http://bit.ly/Uf4PqX

41. North America need technicians. http://bit.ly/1j2OafD

42. Men with deeper voices make more money. Have a deeper voice. http://bit.ly/1pIB4vq

43. You need to make your psychopath boss like you. http://bit.ly/1i6sIpG

The resume: crafting one that gets you the job

44. Don’t write that your employer “fried you for no reason.” It will get your resume tossed. http://bit.ly/1kkIDjU

45. Learn the proper use of “there,” “their,” and “they’re,” for Pete’s sake. http://bit.ly/1hhiTdG

46. Back up your claims of accomplishment with real, measurable data to write a Google-worthy resume. http://bit.ly/1rCFCp5

47. Employers view resumes for fewer than 11 seconds. http://bit.ly/1nYoO7T

48. Never use the terms “proactive,” “results-driven,” or “go-getter” on your resume. http://bit.ly/1p0RkVY

49. Skip “Duties included.” It’s one of 10 most over-used words and phrases in Canadian resumes. http://bit.ly/1eeOuZV

50. Don’t try to impress with adverbs. Employers can see right through you. http://bit.ly/1x2Q2hJ

51. If your keywords and phrases don’t match those in the ATS, your resume won’t be read by real person. http://bit.ly/1x80wwm

52. Don’t include time spent in jail for assaulting a former boss in your resume. http://bit.ly/SxuJVA

53. Employers can spot a generic application in a nanosecond, and they don’t like it. http://bit.ly/1jVtR3b

Online & tech. Are you savvy?

54. Don’t let social media turn you into a disconnected psychopath. http://bit.ly/1rkFE4O

55. FYI, weirdos. LinkedIn is NOT a dating site. http://bit.ly/1pBdpdl

56. Everyone on Twitter hates your auto DMS. STOP SENDING THEM. http://bit.ly/1pBcSIy

57. Don’t post a selfie as your LinkedIn photo. http://bit.ly/1hD3Gyc

58. Use Dropbox to help with your job search. http://bit.ly/1u8QaKq

59. Poor grammar & spelling on social media is worse for your job prospects than guns or alcohol. I didn’t make that up. http://bit.ly/1pPOQcW

The search: insights about what hiring managers are looking for and where to look

60. If what you’re doing isn’t working, stop doing it & try something else. http://bit.ly/1wszfVe

61. Mondays are the best day to apply for a job. http://bit.ly/1hCSPEr

62. Not getting hired? Check if you have a police record you didn’t know about. http://bit.ly/1k7ZJ9a

63. People want what they can’t have. Apply the scarcity heuristic to your job search. http://bit.ly/1kOERUo

64. Double check your reference to make sure they’re not sabotaging you. http://bit.ly/1ky8I43

65. If salary is your biggest concern, don’t tell the hiring manager. http://bit.ly/1hx3Lcl

66. Don’t call to follow up on your application. http://bit.ly/1k8SePo

67. Improve your analytical & research skills to make yourself more employable. http://bit.ly/RHbXdv

68. Try giving instead of asking to make yourself instantly more hirable. http://bit.ly/1wUdTQH

69. Don’t get frustrated. It takes an average of 16 weeks to get a new job. http://bit.ly/1n4lbvZ

70. Don’t focus in the cover letter. Nobody reads it. http://bit.ly/1jMwWm6

71. If they’re too eager to hire you, maybe you shouldn’t take the job. http://bit.ly/T7gcjM

72. People with poor grammar skills don’t rise to the top. http://bit.ly/1mXLEKa

73. Remember that the job search isn’t about you, but about showing a potential employer what you can do for them. http://bit.ly/1dii541

74. Have a better sense of humour than the other guy, and you’ll get the job. http://bit.ly/ThRIEN

75. Nobody is going to give you a chance. Convince them to take one on you. http://bit.ly/UeYRX3

76. Develop social media, marketing, and programming skills to double your chance of getting hired. http://bit.ly/SbLo0n

77. Learn to read the hidden messages coded into job descriptions. http://bit.ly/1p5rCje

78. People skills are the most important skills to CEOs. http://bit.ly/1kLgGln

79. Clean up, and stop acting so desperate or nobody will ever hire you. http://bit.ly/1rLMiRP

80. Only apply for jobs that you actually qualify for and be one of the 2% that gets an interview. http://bit.ly/1pRw84o

81. If you’re looking for a job, be innovative, and try something new, like selling yourself on eBay. http://bit.ly/1kxZu7B

82. Showcase your confidence and curiosity to impress hiring managers. That’s what they say they’re looking for. http://bit.ly/1kMlUgU

83. Entry-level candidates MUST HAVE a positive attitude & strong work ethic. http://bit.ly/1umiyc0

84. Don’t be too attractive, or you won’t get the job! http://bit.ly/1kyF8wi

Acing the interview. Go get ‘em, Tiger!

85. If they don’t ask for references, the interview isn’t going well. http://bit.ly/1o0jM92

86. If you didn’t like your former boss, lie and say you did. http://bit.ly/1pBt4cw

87. Do wear pants! Don’t show up drunk! Don’t smoke at the job interview! http://bit.ly/1rCE2n1

88. Never say “no” when an interviewer asks if you have any questions for them. http://bit.ly/U7tBt3

89. Open with a story to break the job interview ice. http://bit.ly/1hRUiqD

90. You have to “ask for the job.” Don’t assume the interviewer knows you want it. http://bit.ly/1nIosoj

91. The biggest job interview mistake people make is not being prepared. http://bit.ly/1kHc1Rt

92. Show you are capable of thinking on your feet by giving great answers to weird questions. http://bit.ly/1kntKmV

93. Thinking and acting confident actually becomes self-fulfilling. http://bit.ly/TdXxTC

94. Always wash your hands after you use the restroom (career advice, but also just good life advice). http://bit.ly/1hzlaRD

95. Prepare for any kind of interview by expecting the unexpected. http://bit.ly/1x8EYQa

96. Prepare your answers to the most commonly asked job interview questions. Don’t get caught off guard. http://bit.ly/1iY39r5

97. Always ask about the next step and be sure to follow up. http://bit.ly/1mevWZn

98. Don’t assume you should wear a suit. Research the culture of a workplace before the interview & dress appropriately. http://bit.ly/1j2yclv

99. Bring an article about the company or their annual report to the interview with you. http://bit.ly/1um79cg

100. You can actually be too enthusiastic about the job. Don’t come across as over-eager. http://bit.ly/1pU0dk3

101. Gentlemen: remain calm. Appearing nervous in the interview hurts men more than it hurts women. http://bit.ly/1i6rCKF

The jobs and what they are, and what they pay

102. You don’t need a degree to earn $100,000. http://bit.ly/1mLwj0C

103. Want to be a $100,000 waitress? Be amazing. http://bit.ly/1kOMYR3

104. Combine the traditional law degree with a more specialized degree to make more money. http://bit.ly/1rCDtcY

105. Want to make $$ moonlighting? Try dog walking, tutoring or bartending. http://bit.ly/1hrRNRm

106. If you want one of the best jobs in the world, don’t become a lumberjack. http://bit.ly/1m5KN8z

107. Look to the future. Become a garbage designer. http://bit.ly/1pMcUgC

108. Don’t become a fashion model or TV host for the money. They earn a lot less than you think. http://bit.ly/1kqBvau

109. You don’t have to be a lawyer or doctor to make the big bucks. http://bit.ly/1jMTB1D

110. Relationships actually do matter more than money when it comes to happiness. http://bit.ly/1kGJAD8

111. If you want to make a lot of money, become a specialist physician. http://bit.ly/TaL3MA

112. Landing a first job can be a challenge for young workers, but employers are actively seeking entry-level candidates. http://bit.ly/1cBr966

113. Don’t take no for an answer if you don’t land your dream internship the first time around. http://bit.ly/1otHESO

114. Saving will get you rich faster than earning a lot of money. http://bit.ly/TaYzj7

115. Stay in school to land one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. http://bit.ly/1kCnHtJ

116. Looking for a new career path. Try “Transhumanist consultant.” http://bit.ly/1nOCmVP

117. Create a powerful career path with technology + business management or marketing + expertise at a skilled trade. http://bit.ly/JK7mnp

118. Change directions and become a “full-time wiener peeler.” http://bit.ly/1oWrZix

119. Don’t become a “social media expert” if you still want to have a job in 10 years. http://bit.ly/Su1ItJ

120. Dentistry, forestry, & optometry are degrees with 100% employment six months after graduation. http://bit.ly/1pFG04e

121. You must keep up with the latest cultural and technological trends. http://bit.ly/184XgFR

122. Consider trades and hospitality for jobs that always have openings http://bit.ly/1pa20Sn

123. We will always need carpenters & lawyers. Try these if you want a secure profession. http://bit.ly/1oZfh2j

124. If you value work/life balance, don’t go into marketing. http://bit.ly/1tLNKiC

The Workplace, co-workers, doing your job, and getting along

125. Don’t wear leggings instead of pants to work. Just don’t. http://bit.ly/1o0lUxw

126. Don’t throw paperweights at your co-workers. http://bit.ly/1nyjQRp

127. To improve you creativity by 60%, get up and go for a walk. http://bit.ly/1pzNtBH

128. Never ask for a raise on a Wednesday. http://bit.ly/1nYCLCB

129. Not sorry? Apologize anyway. http://bit.ly/1tBKKoQ

130. Take a shower, don’t gossip and don’t abuse sick days if you don’t want your colleagues to hate you. http://bit.ly/1kyaIJy

131. Your boss should never ask you to pick up his Viagra. http://bit.ly/1otD4DO

132. Flout conventional dress norms and people will think you’ve got more clout than you actually do. http://bit.ly/1otIBu5

133. Be grateful you’ve never been fired on Facebook of over an intercom. http://bit.ly/1h9Jaua

134. When you feel the wind turning against you, it’s probably better not to wait for the axe to fall. http://bit.ly/Ubt7lD

135. Don’t believe the lies TV tells you about the workplace. http://bit.ly/UbTI1V

136. Suspect someone at work is a psychopath? Look for an overuse of “self focus” words. http://bit.ly/1l5Wn6N

137. “Give others credit where it is due, and take personal accountability for mistakes.” http://bit.ly/1iXXFN0

138. If you get fired, be sure to leave gracefully, be polite and professional. http://bit.ly/12mfb8Y

139. If dealing with workplace bullying, make notes of every incident, what was said, who was present, and the outcome. http://bit.ly/1hBEaPy

140. Disrupting the flow is one of the worst things you can do at work. http://bit.ly/1xdsnew