Twitter is a goldmine of information and resources for your job search and career.Here are 20 accounts you must follow to help you find the job you need in 2015.

1. Hannah Morgan
Speaker, author – All things job search, social media, work life. (Morgan has also released a list of 40 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Job Search 2015, which includes even more people you might want to follow. Now she makes our list.)

2. Meghan Biro
CEO of Talent Culture – Advice about social media, content, marketing, job search.

3. Jacquelyn Smith
Careers editor at Business Insider – Careers and job search.

4. Chris Russell
Online recruiter – Social media, job search, branding.

5. Jacob Share
Job Search Expert, blogger – interviews, reumes, job search.

6. Lauren Berger
Internship expert – Everything a student needs to know right out of the starting gate to land a dream internship.

7. Dale Carnegie Training
Workplace training and development organization founded by Dale Carnegie – practical life tips on …wait for it… how to win friends and influence people.

8. Tony Restell
Founder of – recruiting, social media, advice for both recruiters and seekers.

9. C-Suite Branding
Personal branding and job search strategist – Personal branding, career advice.

10. Lars Schmidt
Recruiter, founder of Amplify Talent – The job search, recruiting, social media.

11. Jim Stroud
Blogger – Social recruiting and job search strategy.

12. Hr Bartender
Corporate blog of ITM Group – News, tips and advice about human resources, the workplace, job hunting.

13. Steve Levy
Blogger – The job search, the workplace, recruiting.

14. JacPoindexter
Resume writer, blogger – Careers and job search.

15. Lisa Rangel
Executive resume writer, job search coach – The job search, careers, work life.

16. Donna Svei

Executive resume and LinkedIn profile writer – Tips, news and job search advice.

17. Undercover Recruiter
Recruitment and career blog – News, advice, branding, hiring from both sides of the desk, seeker and recruiter.

18. Robert Half
Specialized staffing firm – Career and workplace news and advice.

19. Jessica Stillman
Writer – Workplace productivity and career advice.

20. Heather R. Huhman
Gen Y internship and entry-level career expert – Starting out, internships, general advice.