How to find impossible jobs: high pay, flexible hours, no experience required

As a product manager at Workopolis, I’ll admit that irrelevant search results are often a big problem for job seekers — especially students, teens, immigrants, and those with no experience. I’m trying to make this experience better with a large team of engineers, but it’s not easy to do at scale.

That said, I’ve found some quick hacks that job seekers can use to get the most out of their job search.

In this case, I’ve found a way to target high-paying part-time jobs that don’t require any experience. This is a hard category to find with a simple search query on any job board right now.

But, the fact it’s hard to find for job seekers right now is a good thing for you: there’s going to be less competition for job seekers that know how to get good results.

Hack 1: use negative search

Using smart job search techniques means you can cut through the chaff and isolate job posts with the best hours, best pay, and best benefits.

For the list below, I created a very simple hack that starts with a custom filter just using a negative search term for the term “-years”.

Negative search terms filter our database from keyword matches that can be anywhere in the job title, job description, or even metadata. As such, “-years” should return zero results for jobs that explicitly require any years of experience (eg: “6 years of experience”).

By excluding all of the jobs that have the word “years,” we’re left with a fairly large set of jobs recent graduates and students should qualify for.

After this, we then filtered our search by pay & job type to select only the high-paying, part-time jobs. 

Disclaimer: This is not a perfect solution. For example, if a job post merely “prefers 2 years experience” but doesn’t require it, it’s still going to be filtered out.

That said, this “hack” immediately provides more results than searching for “no experience” and is a great way to quickly target some super-relevant job posts.

To be clear, this doesn’t exclude jobs that require no training or education. And this list is for jobs that pay over $100,000 salary, so don’t be shocked to see a lot of medical and technical professions.

If you want to find jobs with no degree or certificate required, you could add additional negative search terms or try different locations.

Something like -years AND -degree, OR -certificate, OR -license, OR -grad, OR -licensed, OR university, OR -college, OR -undergrad is an example but too it’s aggressive for this pay range, leaving only zero results while I’ve already seen several of jobs that don’t actually need a degree but would “prefer” one.

Hack 2: Save this as a job alert

Using the above technique I found 160 part time jobs in Toronto that require no experience that are hiring right now (as of this writing on Nov 24, 2022) — but these will go stale fast.

You should always try to apply to the freshest job posts each day during your job search in order to get the highest contact rates and positive outcomes.

To do so, I strongly suggest saving the job search above as an “email job alert” because the sooner you apply the better your outcomes will tend to will be.

Top 15 best paying part-time jobs in TO, hiring now

  1. Social media specialist  ($20 – $60/hr)

This job simply requires you to be able to understand social media trends and use it to drive sales for any business. Social media experts are responsible for creating digital content and posts that are used to advertise businesses and draw more customers online. 

Because this job requires no university degree or intensive training, it is an added advantage if you possess great communication skills. 

If you like going on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter a lot, then this job is right for you. An added bonus is that it offers flexible hours & you can sign in to work from anywhere in the world.

Common Qualifications:

  • Passion for social media
  • Exceptional writing skills, strong design, and content creation skills
  • University or college degree (usually required)
  • Experience in graphic design (usually required)
  1. Entertainer for children  ($20 – $140/hr)

Children’s entertainers take on different roles to entertain children which might involve performing as clowns, costumed characters, magicians, singers, puppeteers, storytellers, or game stand supervisors.

Children’s entertainers do not need a degree or certification to work, just a positive attitude, a fondness for children, and a creative mind.

Party agencies or schools are responsible for hiring entertainers, either permanently or on a contract basis. Entertainers are also hired for private parties and events by families or organizations that work with children.

  1. Nail technician ($15 – $65/hr)

Nail technicians work in beauty salons and spas, taking care of clients’ toes and fingernails. Nail technicians can either be pedicurists, manicurists, or both. 

Nail technicians are taught how to clean, treat and beautify clients’ feet and hands. They also fix and remove artificial nails.

You may need to drive on this job, as it requires at-home services from time to time.

  1. Application tester ($20 – $75/hr)

As more and more applications are developed for smartphones, tablets, and computers and the need to ensure their quality increases. Application testers work as beta testers who make use of newly developed software before they are released to the general public. 

Application testers are given access to new software and a time frame to use and evaluate how smoothly the software is running.

Application testers use the software while going on with their daily activities. Hence, application testing is an excellent side gig while studying or doing another job.

  1. Librarian ($20 – $50/hr)

In almost every major city in the world, there is a library. Librarians help to manage the library’s assets, books, and activities. Also, the librarian is responsible for ensuring that the library users follow the rules of the library.

Although librarians may have a degree in library science, many don’t. Managing a library requires a person who loves books and reading, is organized, and is an expert at people management and communication.

If you are interested in books of all varieties, becoming a librarian might give you the freedom to pursue other interests like online studies.

  1. Bookkeeper ($15 – $50/hr)

Bookkeeping is a crucial part of the accounting process in any business. Bookkeepers are in charge of making and organizing a record of all transactions made by the business. 

Bookkeepers use specialized tools and software to record sales, purchases, bill payments, and other transactions made daily. This means that they make the first financial records of the business before an account evaluates their work.

Every business needs a bookkeeper at every level in order to keep records and avoid loss. Hence, bookkeepers need to be detail-oriented and accurate when it comes to collecting data.

  1. Computer technician ($17 – $50/hr)

Computer technicians are responsible for fixing, servicing, and installing computer systems and hardware. They can work independently or be included in a company’s payroll to maintain their devices.

Computer technicians can work part-time, moving from house to house and offering their services where needed. It is a good part-time job for people who are computer savvy and have knowledge of electrical systems.

If you have these skills and are currently employed but are also interested in a part-time job, being a computer technician will be perfect for you.

  1. Sales representative ($15 – $250/hr)

It is the job of the sales representative to learn what a business’ clients want, teach them how to use the product, negotiate prices, and complete sales.

Sales representatives work for businesses and are in charge of interacting with their customers. Retail sales representatives help customers in the store find what they are looking for and advise them on how to use the products. 

Although a sales representative’s job is competitive, it does not require prior experience or a degree. Sales representatives are trained to have a good knowledge of what is being sold and sales techniques.

  1. Online tutor ($15 – $100/hr)

If you have mastery of math, science, English, French, or any other subjects, it would be a great idea to become an online tutor.

With so much of our studying going online now, online tutors can now work from anywhere in the world teaching children in various fields. Although many online tutors are teachers in their fields if you have a good knowledge of the course.

Tutors use different video messaging software like Zoom and Google Meet to hold virtual classes. Online tutors need a computer or smartphone, a good internet connection, and a working knowledge of these applications to be able to teach effectively.

People with jobs, university students and recent graduates can earn income in their free time as online tutors.

  1. Communications Specialist ($16 – $53/hr)

Communication specialists take on roles that help to improve a company’s public profile. This requires them to do obs like organizing events for the company, meeting stakeholders and clients, making official press releases and giving presentations on behalf of the company.

Because this job involves a lot of interaction, a communications specialist should be a good writer and speaker. They are required to be organized and energetic people, able to beat tight deadlines.

If you have good communications skills, a part time job as a communications specialist will be excellent because you do not necessarily require a degree for entry level jobs.

  1. Delivery driver / Courier ($16 – $50/hr)

Delivery drivers are responsible for driving trucks containing goods and delivering the goods to the addresses of their owners.

They are in charge of making sure that the goods get delivered in a timely manner and in good condition.

Also, when delivering larger items, a delivery driver might need to be involved in loading and unloading the goods.

Delivery drivers work in shifts and have ample time when all their deliveries are done. Consequently, anybody with a driver’s license can take up part-time jobs as a delivery driver as a way to add to their income.

  1. Drywall installer ($17 – $50/hr)

Drywall installers work in renovation and building construction sites. They measure, cut, and appropriately fit wallboards in a building.

Drywall installation is a skilled trade and needs you to learn from an expert to gain mastery. Therefore, this job does not require a university degree.

Furthermore, since their jobs are concerned with drywall installation only, they are not full-time construction workers. This means that a drywall installer can take on a number of jobs at the same time or have spare time after completing a job for other endeavors.

  1. Videographer ($15 – $50/hr)

It is a videographer’s job to make and edit video shoots. Videographers make use of cameras and other photographic equipment to get video coverage of events.

Videography is a great part-time job if you love capturing moments on a camera and you have a good knowledge of photo editing tools. It does not require a degree to get a job and it gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience as you practice.

  1. Office Administrator ($15 – $50/hr)

Office administrators need to be active in the workplace and able to do a range of clerical duties, as well as possess good customer service skills.

Office administrators take on various duties to ensure the smooth running of the office. They perform tasks such as answering calls, bookkeeping, and scheduling meetings.

Because of this, an office administrator should be able to communicate well and have a good working knowledge of computers and other applications used in the office.

Office administration is an excellent part time job because it requires no degree and gives you the opportunity to learn and do different tasks while on the job.

  1. Warehouse manager ($22 – $50/hr)

Warehouse managers oversee all the happenings in a warehouse. They coordinate the staff that works there, make and keep inventories of the goods there and enforce safety and health regulations in the warehouse.

For this reason, a warehouse manager must have good people management skills and be able to keep organized records of items in their care.

Furthermore, this job does not need a university degree but requires you to have a working knowledge of safety rules and the equipment and machinery used in the warehouse.

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