We recently wrote about the gig economy, and how enterprising Canadians can master the art of the side hustle. But picking up a job as an Uber driver is not the only way to generate some extra income. Sometimes all you need to do is look at the calendar.

Sure, the holiday season may be the peak for part-time jobs, but January is still a great time to seek out (and land) a seasonal side gig, for the winter and beyond. After all, there are currently more than 1,000 seasonal positions posted on Workopolis right now, with more being added every day.

Here are three ways you can land a high-paying seasonal job.

Taking advantage of Canada’s winter tourism

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, the federal government is giving away free National Park Discovery passes this year. In addition to this incentive to explore our great country, Lonely Planet has listed Canada as the top tourist destination for 2017. This means we can expect Canadian tourism to rise this year, giving seasonal jobs across the country a boost in the process! Parks Canada, for example is hiring team members across the country to assist in grounds and trail maintenance, visitor experience staff, and event coordinators.

But it doesn’t stop there, a number of municipalities, hotels, and attractions are hiring this season. Take a look at some of the tourism jobs available now.

Turning your love of winter sports into a side gig

It’s often said that the only way to truly enjoy the winter in Canada is to pick up a winter sport. Fittingly, there are many businesses related to sports that seek out seasonal staff in the winter months, including hotels and resorts, and retail outlets. The city of Brampton, for example, is currently looking for a snowmaker to help maintain a ski hill and tube park.

And if you’d rather be playing a winter sport, you can put your passion to good use, by teaching. Check out this job post for ice skating instructors at the city of Mississauga.

Just make sure you don’t mind a little cold.

Getting a seasonal job with the city

Many cities require additional help during the winter months to maintain roadways, sidewalks, and public facilities. Yes, that means there are snow removal jobs available.

Many municipalities, though, have already started recruiting for the summer months. The city of Brampton, for example, is already on the lookout for parks keepers, gardeners, summer inspectors, cemetery clerks, and the all-encompassing seasonal labourers.    

To make sure you don’t miss out on seasonal municipal jobs, create a job alert to get notified of a new opening.

Don’t forget: you can turn a seasonal gig into a full-time job

A seasonal gig is a great way to make an impression on employers, who will often offer high-performing seasonal workers full-time work at the end of the season. What’s the lesson here? Look out for seasonal jobs that are related to your ultimate career goals – they can be your chance to get a foot in the door.

Convinced a seasonal job is what you need? Here are some general tips that can help you get a great side gig:

  • Apply now
    The holidays are behind us, but companies, particularly larger companies, are always recruiting for seasonal and part-time positions, which tend to have higher turnover rates. Identify some companies you think would be a good fit, and send in your resume. There’s nothing to lose.
  • Look the part
    If you’re applying for a seasonal retail gig, for example, be aware of the style of the outlet you’re targeting. If you look like you understand the image of the brand, you’ll have a better chance of walking out with a job.
  • Be flexible
    Temporary, seasonal employees are often brought in to deal with increased volume and demand. Being available (and cheerful) to work evenings, weekends, double and short-notice shifts, will all go a long way towards getting you the gig and making you invaluable on the job.