Make eye contact, smile, don’t fidget, don’t cross your arms, don’t wing it…

There are so many things you have to remember for the job interview. It’s hard. I know I’m not always paying attention to how much I touch my face – are you? – but this is important if you want to make the right impression.

Thankfully College Atlas has compiled a list of 34 Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview.

The little things matter, like sitting up straight and having a firm handshake — nobody is impressed with a limp handshake. Big things also matter, like having done your research on the company.

Among the things that might be news to some are the assertion that 70% of employers don’t want an applicant to be overly fashionable or trendy. And the claim that wearing brightly coloured clothing is a bad idea (though we have talked about why you should never wear orange to a job interview).

Also interesting: 9% of candidates “use too many hand gestures.”

Among the most common mistakes are lacking humour and warmth, overexplaining why you lost your last job, and failing to ask for the job.

And, of course, first impressions are determined by the way you “dress, act, and walk through the door.”

Don’t forget to be careful how you walk.

Here’s the infographic (I can’t find any sources cited in it but it clearly took a lot of its tips directly from this CNN article).