We talk about productivity a lot. A lot. And it’s no surprise – we all want to get the most out of our time at work, and avoid those late nights and weekend work sessions. That’s why we were so excited to see some gadgets on the CES show floor that could have a major impact on workplace productivity.

Here are four CES launches that will make you more productive:

Headphones that prompt you to get back to work

Whether you’re working in an open-concept space or a private office, distractions always manage to intervene.

“Getting in the zone can feel impossible,” says Mindset, the Montreal company behind headphones that can help train your brain to concentrate better, and subconsciously tune out interruptions more easily.

The wireless noise-cancelling headphones use EEG technology to gently alert you whenever your concentration wanes.

“Over time, these alerts train your mind and rewire your brain to better tune out distractions,” explains Mindset.

The headphones also detect when your brain is becoming fatigued, and will prompt you to take a break – even recommending what length of time your brain needs to re-energize. Over time, the app will show you what hours you’re most productive, and provide insights to help you improve your efficiency and use your time wisely.

A desk accessory that measures workplace quality

It’s a lot easier to get excited about work when you’re feeling comfortable in your environment – and there’s ample research that agrees.

The GreenMe cube was designed to gather information on unique needs of each person in an office, and compile and analyze the data to make it easy for business owners and facility managers to make simple tweaks to the environment to boost productivity, wellness, and happiness.

GreenMe cube CES productivity tools

Here’s the idea: you put a cube on your desk (they come in seven bright hues), and it measures a wide range of data points related to health and comfort, including temperature, lighting quality, noise, air quality, and humidity. You can also use an app to point out issues with or concerns environment, or make suggestions.

This data is then fed into a central data pool that helps decision makers analyze the information, and identify areas for improvement.

A flu test you can take before work

Nothing can take a deadline off the rails like a flu epidemic sweeping through the office. The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to know whether or not to stay home.

Enter the Ellume home flu test: an over-the-counter rapid diagnostic test for influenza A and B that provides results in 15 minutes.

It’s still under clinical evaluation, but the idea is that you do a nasal swab, and then drop a sample into a one-time-use analyzer that plugs directly into your smart phone. The app will then tell you whether or not you have influenza, and offer a telemedicine consultation with a doctor.

This kind of fast and easy testing could have a huge impact on how often people go to work while contagious (the first five to seven days of illness), while also helping to reduce some of the stigma we all feel around sick days.

A new-and-improved whiteboard for efficient brainstorming

“The often-flawed logistics of the modern meeting make it easy for participants to feel disengaged and for vital ideas and discoveries to become lost,” says Seog-gi Kim, executive vice president of visual display business at Samsung Electronics. “Today’s workers require more powerful and flexible technologies.”

And the latest technology that Samsung is bringing to the office is Flip. The brainstorming board-slash-screen allows up to four participants to share content (wirelessly, or via various device ports) or even annotate directly on it with their finger.

Flip by Samsung CES productivity tools

The screen can be easily downloaded or shared to remote team members in real time, and has embedded search tools to let users go back over 20 pages of brainstorming quickly and easily. Your meetings just got a whole lot shorter (once you stop playing with all the fun features, of course).