Your resume is the very foundation of your job search. An effective resume that clearly demonstrates your value to employers will create lots of interest and attract plenty of opportunity. However, a poor resume will leave you ignored by recruiters, and frustrated in your efforts to land that dream role.

We’ve teamed up with London resume writing service StandOut CV to provide you with a collection of resume templates for a range of career stages. So, whether you are a recent graduate with no experience, or an experienced worker looking for a career change, here are four free templates to get your job search started on the right foot.

The standard reserve-chronological resume template

If you are an experienced candidate looking to make a direct progression within your current industry, then this template is for you. Having plenty of skills and knowledge within your field is a huge advantage, so your resume needs to make the most of it.

Showcase as much of your relevant experience as possible by focusing on your most recent role and including plenty of detail on the work you carry out, and results you achieve for your employer. Experience from many years ago and irrelevant qualifications should take a back seat in your resume, so as not to dilute its impact.

Click here to download a resume template that highlights your experience.

The resume template for your first job

Writing your first resume is a challenge, but we all have to start somewhere. To compensate for your lack of experience, you should draw out your skills and knowledge that you have gained in your studies or extra-curricular pursuits.

For example, your school work will have likely involved important workplace skills such as communication, report writing and research. Outside of school you may have been involved in sports or clubs which will allow you to demonstrate team work and motivation.

Looking for your first job? Click here to download a resume template that’s just right.

A resume template for the new grad

If you’ve recently graduated from university, you’ll probably be looking to land a graduate role with a reputable firm. There is a lot of competition for these roles, so a strong resume is crucial if you want to succeed.

Your degree and surrounding studies should take centre stage in your graduate resume, but you also need to demonstrate your abilities outside of university if you want to stand out. Detail your course subject, modules and grades, but also include a section that details any projects you’ve worked on, clubs you’ve joined or voluntary work you’ve undertaken.

Recently graduated? Click here to download a great resume template.

The template to use when you want to change career

Making a career change is always a tough move, as you will often be competing with candidates who have more experience than you in your new chosen field. Your career change resume should clearly state your intention to shift fields, and also demonstrate what steps you are taking to make the jump. Recent courses you may have taken, voluntary work and transferable skills should be clearly visible at the top of your resume.

Hoping to change careers? Click here to download a resume template that can help.


Andrew Fennell is a former recruiter and founder of London CV writing service StandOut CV.

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