We’ve recently collected job search strategies for 2017, and looked at how Trump and fake news can get you a job. Ready to take the next step? We’ve crunched the numbers and picked out some of the best-paying jobs available right now.

So, without further ado, here are five highly in-demand jobs that can pay more than $80,000.

Registered nurse

Number of available jobs posted on Workopolis: 8213
Salary range for a registered nurse: $45,677 -$87,976

Find a nursing job now.


Project manager

Number of available jobs posted on Workopolis: 8201
Salary range for a project manager: $41,771 – $110,546

Find a job as a project manager.


Business analyst    

Number of available jobs: 5057
Salary range for a business analyst: $47,627 – $101,568

Find a job as a business analyst.


Financial analyst   

Number of available jobs: 3849
Salary range for a financial analyst: $42,347 – $82,148

See financial analyst jobs.


Programmer analyst

Number of available jobs: 2297
Salary range for a programmer analyst: $44,795 – $94,064

See available programmer analyst jobs.


According to our data, these jobs take approximately 45 days to fill. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

*Salary ranges posted in CAD, courtesy of Payscale.