We spoke to a lot of amazing experts in 2017. Lawyers, academics, Olympic athletes, authors, coaches – even a futurist.

And if there’s one thing these individuals have taught us over the year, it’s that the workplace is changing in ways we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago.

Policies and management structures are transforming to reflect the changing needs of the worker. Office spaces are becoming more and more unique, at once offering home-like comforts and over-the-top amenities. Even the hiring process is evolving to make it easier and easier for applicants to send over their resume in a flash.

And as we near the end of 2017, we’re starting to wonder what we can expect in the year to come. What are the trends for 2018?

For this year’s final Safe for Work, the Workopolis podcast for job seekers (available on Soundcloud here and iTunes here), we decided to go back to a few of our favourite experts from the past year and ask them one simple question: what will 2018 bring?

To hear what the experts had to say, listen to the episode now:

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