Are you thinking about a career change, but aren’t sure which direction to go? Maybe you’re interested in post-secondary education, but need some inspiration. Why not consider something a little different?

There are plenty of under the radar jobs out there that are both profitable and in demand, and the good news gets even better: they’re currently hiring!

Here are six Canadian jobs you might not have heard of (that pay surprisingly well).

Agricultural equipment technician

Canadian farms have become more reliant on sophisticated machinery for efficient soil maintenance and crop production, as well as safe and effective support for livestock. Tractors and combines now have sensitive touchscreen operating systems, which require custom parts and specialized knowledge. Thus, these technological advances have resulted in the increased need for an agricultural technician!

While basic mechanic skills are an asset, the sheer size and scale of the machinery you can expect to work on makes this job more similar to a heavy duty equipment operator. For that reason salaries tend to be higher, especially in the Western provinces.

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Commercial scuba diver

Ever wonder how structures are built, supported, or repaired underwater? What about how shipwrecks are recovered? Meet your commercial scuba diver.

Most people think of scuba diving as a recreational activity to do on vacation, but in reality, the commercial diver is a highly skilled professional responsible for a lot of unique underwater tasks. These may include cleanup operations, bridge or barge inspections, conducting water supply samples, completing underwater repairs to structures like vessels or offshore oil rigs, or even aiding in search and rescue missions. Due to the specialized nature of this career path and its unique safety considerations, the average annual salary is quite comfortable (up to $102,711).

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If you haven’t heard of an actuary before, essentially the role involves analyzing statistical data to calculate an estimate of risk. Actuaries are often employed by insurance companies, financial institutions, or governments, but they can also find work in more innovative areas, such as scientific or technological product creation and production. And since they’re responsible for the assessment of financial risk and reward, they’re often well paid (with a salary range of $45,820 – $129,740).

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Occupational health and safety advisor

An occupational health and safety advisor can enjoy a diverse career path. From working in healthcare environments to oil fields or construction sites, their primary responsibility is to promote employee safety awareness and prevent workplace injuries. With both employers and provincial health initiatives emphasizing health promotion, the odds of these positions increasing in years to come are quite good. Plus, salaries for occupational health and safety advisors can be quite high (with a salary range of $46,346 – $109,453)

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Naval architect

The naval industry is not widely known for its lucrative earning potential, but positions such as naval architect or ship engineer can expect to work on a variety of interesting projects, including: vessel design and stability, ship condition surveys, repairs, and more. Unfortunately, this uniform does not require a uniform.

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Field operator

A field operator may be involved in down hole operations or hydraulic fracturing projects. In non-technical terms, that means field operators are working with equipment on the oil fields. 

Though the job may involve travel to remote areas, shift work or extended hours, the salary range for this kind of position tends to be quite good (up to $78,000).  

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