Does the thought of spending every day in an office, stuck in a cubicle make you recoil in fear? Maybe you sit in your cubicle day in and day out dreaming of packing your bags and flying to a faraway country?

Believe it or many Canadians get paid to travel as part of their jobs. To help make your daydreams reality, we’ve put together a list of the top travel related jobs that are hiring right now so get ready to pack your bags and explore!

Field Service Engineer

A Field Service Engineer is often responsible for designing, installing, or repairing technology equipment associated with various sectors. Because repairs are generally done remotely, a Field Service Engineer will have to travel to homes and businesses. Depending on the company you are working for and the sector you’re working in, you could find yourself travelling domestically, nationally, and even internationally. The hours can sometimes be long, but what does that matter when you can explore a new city before heading to bed?

Find Field Service Engineer jobs here.

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Truck Driver

A Truck Driver is responsible for transporting products from one destination to another. While you may not be travelling to exotic places, being a truck driver means you will definitely be travelling within your home province, or even across North America. If you enjoy solo travel, and of course driving, this career is for you. While you will have a schedule to adhere by, your time on the road is your own so you can enjoy the freedom of stopping to take pictures or enjoy the scenery.

Find Truck Driver jobs here.


A consultant provides expertise and professional advice in anything from people management to communications. The great thing about a career as a consultant is that there are so many different types of industries you can work in. You will often be spending several weeks with one particular company fulfilling a contract. This gives you plenty of opportunity to explore a city you’ve potentially never visited before. In many cases you may even be able to stay in the new city over a weekend or tack on a few extra vacation days.

Find Consultant jobs here .

Flight attendant on duty.Flight Attendant

If you love to fly and don’t mind working all kinds of different hours, being a flight attendant is probably one of the best ways to see the world. In many cases you don’t need any formal training, just a willingness to learn, customer service experience, and perhaps a bit of sales experience as well. You will be able to take advantage of the airlines flight destinations with extended layovers. What better way to see the world than getting flights for free! Plus, you are likely working with other wanderlust-ers so you may even gain a lifelong travel partner or two.

Find Flight Attendant jobs here.

Travel Agent

While you may not actually be travelling for your job if you decide to pursue a career as a travel agent or travel consultant, you will be learning the ins and outs of the travel industry. Being a travel agent also means you get to see all the amazing deals firsthand. Any of the bigger named travel agencies often have deals with certain airlines and vacation package companies which means you will get to save more money than the average person on your trips. As an added bonus, you could be eligible for FAM (familiarization) trips around the world. Just as the name suggests, hotel or tour brands invite you for heavily discounted, or free, trips for you to experience their products and familiarize yourself with them. After all, the best way to sell a product is through firsthand experience.

Find Travel Agent jobs here.


Being a teacher is a great job for people who love to travel for two reasons: summers off and international opportunities. Now more than ever countries around the world are looking for trained teachers from North America to immigrate to their country and teach their young ones. While there are plenty of opportunities for teaching English as a second language oversees, many countries are also looking for teachers that specialize in other subjects, including: math, science, or geography. If moving internationally isn’t something you are looking for, you can certainly take advantage of travelling during the plentiful vacation time in the summer months, Christmas holidays, or even March break.

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