When you apply for jobs, you need to keep one thing in mind: you need to make life as simple as possible for hiring managers.

Consider this: they’ve been sifting through dozens, maybe even hundreds of CVs. If your resume is difficult to read, or confusing, do you think they’re going to take that extra time to figure things out? They might, but odds are good they won’t. Hiring managers and recruiters need to quickly find the information that matters to them. So make that happen! Think about the way you’re structuring your resume. Is it clear and understandable? Is information presented in a logical manner? Are you being consistent throughout? Does the design make it easier or harder for the reader to parse information?

These can be hard questions to ask – when you’ve been staring at your resume for hours, you can start to miss obvious signs of trouble. Try to look at it from a tired hiring manager’s point of view. What would the reaction be? If that doesn’t work, ask a friend you trust to give it a critical read. Not only will they help spot typos and grammar mistakes, they might point out other fixable issues with the way you’ve laid out and written your resume.

Before going that step, you can do a few things to improve your resume. This infographic from StandOut CV contains seven such tips to help you create a CV that will get noticed.


tips on how to improve your resume