And you thought your boss was scary.

In honour of Halloween, we have a round-up of office horror movies that make even the most high-stress workplaces look like a walk in the park.

Here are seven great office horror movies:

Office Killer (1997)

The meek shall inherit the corner office in this so-bad-it’s-good movie; Carol Kane stars as a shy magazine editor that snaps when she accidentally electrocutes a co-worker to death. She then proceeds to go on an office-wide murder spree.

American Psycho (2000)

For this film, we’re going to forgo the trailer for our favourite scene: the business card tête-à-tête that really sets investment banker-slash-serial killer Patrick Bateman into a downward spiral, leaving a trail (or should we say stack?) of bodies behind him.

Exam (2009)

Think of this as immersion therapy for all your job interview nightmares. Eight candidates for a mysterious job opportunity enter a room for an 80-minute exam. There are three rules, and one question. As the clock continues to tick down, the candidates begin to get desperate.

Cabin in the woods (2012)

Alright, only half of this one take place in a workplace. But the part that does is replete with all the classic office tropes: the parties, the awkward interns, the bickering coworkers, the demanding higher-ups…and that’s all we’ll say to avoid any spoiler alerts.

Bloodsucking Bastards (2015)

This vampire comedy-horror (it’s been called a hybrid of Office Space and Shaun of the Dead) has a simple premise: the new sales manager at telemarking company is a vampire that is turning all the employees into “undead superemployees.” Any questions?

The Belko Experiment (2016)

“All employees. Lend me your full attention. Your chance of survival increases by following my orders.”

This one takes place at the office of an American-run non-profit in Bogota, Colombia, where the building goes into lockdown with 80 employees inside, and an voice on the intercom offers an ultimatum: kill three of your fellow employees, or we will kill six. The “game” progresses from there.

Mayhem (2017)

This one’s not even out yet (limited release is set for November 10), but it’s pretty on the nose for this list. It follows a worker at a law firm that gets framed by a co-worker and wrongfully fired just as the building is put under quarantine to contain a mysterious illness that causes people to act on all their rage-filled impulses. Chaos erupts.

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