April Fool’s day is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Pranks are a big trend these days, and I’m not a big fan of most of what I see, as they usually involve shock value and totally terrifying someone, which is mean – and dangerous. I saw this one prank where they stalled an elevator and shut off all the lights, then the lights came back on and there was a dead looking little girl in the elevator. You’d figure it out fairly quickly, but in those first seconds you would be terrified and shocked what if a woman was pregnant? She could totally miscarry. I’m serious. ANYWAY…

That being said, this one was too amazing and if you could pull it off I’d be impressed.

Beyond that, pranks that aren’t mean spirited can be pretty fun too. Here are a few ideas for pranks you can pull around the office that probably won’t get you fired or give anyone a heart attack.

1. Tape a foghorn behind the door. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.



2. What’s the scariest picture you can find? Tape it to the scanner.



3. This isn’t my favourite. But you might like it. Mess with someone’s mouse.



4. This one is the best. Load someone’s voicemail up with Chewy impressions! I’m practising mine right now.



5. Mix Skittles, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces together, leave the bowl out and wait. Each of these candies is delicious on its own but together maybe not so much.



6. Get one of these. Imagine the surprise when a shark comes floating out of the elevator. I had one, by the way, and they don’t last long. Be careful with it.

7. This is my favourite. I’ve never done it but did try it on my own machine to make sure it works: Replace a commonly typed word or phrase with another word or phrase on someone’s computer. Simply go into their proofing setting and set one word/phrase to replace another. Or, if you want to get really diabolical, do it for several different commonly used words. It’ll drive them nuts. So, for example, if I were to do it to my boss, I’d replace “job interview” with, say, “pants party.”

8. Totally childish but cracked me right up. Maybe I’m in a funny mood:

    Use glue to secure the victim’s handset to the phone (be sure to use glue that can be removed…check the label first because some glue will destroy plastic). Then go to a nearby phone, call their number and watch while they lift the entire phone to their ear.


9. Make Vanilla Pudding, put it in a Mayonnaise jar, stand in the kitchen spooning it into your mouth.

10. This took a crazy amount of forethought and effort but these guys made an entire hallway of senior offices disappear.

(Some of these were also on the Huffington Post)