At Workopolis, we’re here to help connect you with opportunities no matter what you look like. Apparently, this isn’t true of every company.

Because I work for this website, I don’t spend a lot of time writing about other recruitment sites out there. Why give free publicity to the competition? Of course, when there’s a genuine news story, or information that can be valuable to helping people find opportunities, we’ll share it immediately. Helping people succeed is more important than guarding our territory.

But this is not one of those stories. No, this one is just kind of ridiculous. is a dating website for ‘attractive people’ only. They allow their existing members to vote on new applications to decide if they’re hot enough to join. Only about 20% of applicants are actually accepted by these shallow jerks. (I was rejected.) Users can also have their memberships terminated for gaining weight and dropping below the attractiveness threshold.

(Where are these good looking people from? Apparently most of the successful applicants come from the United States, Denmark and France. Russia, Poland and the UK are the biggest sources of rejected submissions.)

Anyway, Beautiful People has announced that it is now launching a new recruitment service for employers. Their plan is to market this option to those companies looking to hire just physically attractive employees specifically.

No, average-looking Joe and Plain Jane need not apply.

Greg Hodge, head of BeautifulPeople told Mashable, “An honest employer will tell you that it pays to hire good-looking staff. Attractive people tend to make a better first impression on clients, win more business and earn more.”

Okay. We’ve seen studies of this kind before – that there are career advantages to being more attractive. (And I’ve interpreted this as many of those advantages actually stemming from confidence which boosts performance as well as perception.)

But in the case of hiring through a website full of candidates specifically and only filtered for their appearance, employers would really be limiting the pool of talent they’re choosing from. Plus it says something about the vain and elitist nature of the candidates they’re reaching – who choose to be members of such a narcissistic group in the first place.

Then again, employers who choose to do their recruiting on are holding up a mirror to their own superficiality too. Everything is self-portrait. They deserve each other.

According to ABCNews, within 48 hours of launching the recruitment site, Beautiful People had about 80 job postings, almost entirely for sales positions. For all you hotties out there, Beautiful People has a Canadian site. For the rest of us – stick with Workopolis for the most online job opportunities available in every industry across the country – no matter what you look like.

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