We’ve looked at three reasons why you’re not getting called for an interview. Here’s one more: your resume didn’t make it past the automated resume screening.

Job postings receive an average of 250 applications, so this kind of resume screening software lets recruiters quickly shortlist candidates that are the best fit for the job. More than 60% of companies use some sort of automated screening (you might have heard of this referred to as an applicant tracking system) to streamline their hiring process, which means your resume needs to make it through. More specially, it has to get past a program called a resume parser.

A resume parser cuts your resume into smaller chunks and then categorizes these into different sections for a searchable database. Even if you are the perfect fit for a job, if your resume is not optimized for a resume parser, you will not make it through.

Don’t panic!

This infographic will show you how to beat automated resume screening.

How to beat automated resume screening