Below is footage from the 2015 Miss Amazon pageant, which took place in Manaus, Brazil last week. It shows runner up Sheislane Hayalla, 23, angrily ripping the crown off the head of Carol Toledo, 20, the winner.

As pointed out, she wasn’t about to let Toledo take the crown without a fight.

As you can see, after the crown is placed on Toledo’s head, Hayalla tears it off, throws in on the ground and angrily storms off stage while yelling something. One of the other beauty queens looks like she’s applauding Hayalla’s actions.

Hayalla reportedly accused Toledo of buying the win, telling Globo that “Money talks in Manaus and I wanted to show the Amazon people money doesn’t talk here. She didn’t deserve the title.”

Toledo, reports People, has not commented on the incident, and will go on to represent Manaus in the Miss Brazil pageant.

It looks like Hayalla successfully made her statement, as the story has been picked up by many news outlets that would have otherwise ignored the pageant. But, folks, please allow us to caution you that, in general, if your goal is not to make international headlines, this is not the way to behave when someone else gets that promotion or prize you wanted, even if you believe that it was gotten unfairly.

What you should do is smile, congratulate the person and silently plot your revenge vow to get ’em next time.