Month after month throughout last year as we crunched the online job posting numbers to add context to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey and predict employment trends, the hospitality sector came out on top for hiring.

The restaurant industry added 31,300 new jobs in 2014, making it the country’s number one job creator. [Hospitality jobs on Workopolis.]

The health care sector came in second with 29,800 new jobs last year. [Health care jobs on Workopolis.]

“The restaurant industry is truly a driver of jobs and growth in Canada’s economy,” said Donna Dooher, Restaurants Canada’s interim President and CEO. “In 2014, we employed more than 20 per cent of the country’s youth workforce. As the top source of first-time jobs, we’re an increasingly important venue for young people and newcomers to gain essential career skills and experience.”

The top five places where Canadians get their first jobs?

    Restaurant / food service – 22%
    Retail – 16%
    Manufacturing – 11%
    Newspaper delivery – 8%
    Agriculture – 6%

Restaurants Canada has prepared an infographic on the top job creating industries of 2014 and the impact of hospitality gigs on the economy.

[Click on the image to view full-sized infographic. Opens as a jpg]

Hospitality hiring to continue:

Restaurants Canada’s Restaurant Outlook Survey for Q4 of 2014 shows the restaurant industry has no intention of slowing down in 2015. Eighty-five per cent of operators plan to maintain or grow their current staffing levels over the next six months – the strongest fourth-quarter job outlook since the survey’s inception in 2011.

Source: Restaurant industry is Canada’s top job creator in 2014

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