Wondering where the hot jobs with high pay and lots of opportunities are? Well, they’re out there. Here’s a look at the currently available job openings for the highest ranked jobs of 2015.

To put this together, we turned to our friends over at Canadian Business Magazine who ranked the top jobs to have in Canada this year. To make the cut, the roles had to offer a minimum salary of at least $60,000, have decent working conditions, and have projected growth or be actively hiring right now.

So here they are, the country’s best jobs, how much they pay, and links to available opportunities actively hiring right now. How to land one of Canada’s best jobs:

    Human Resources Manager
    Median Salary: $83,200.00

    HR managers may work for businesses, governments or public institutions and are in charge of recruiting, employee engagement, payroll, workplace policies. They can also take leadership roles in big strategic moves like mergers and acquisitions. Schools offer programs in Human Resources, but you might also study psychology or communications. Managers typically work their way up.

    Here are some human resource manager jobs available now.

    University Professor
    Median Salary: $85,716.80

    You’ll need an advanced degree, teaching experience, and publications in your field to land the top jobs. Most candidates work their way up through lecturing, associate professorships, researching and assisting. Retiring Baby Boomers are expected to increasingly ease the waiting list for educated academics waiting for positions to open up over the coming few years.

    Check out some available professor jobs on Workopolis.

    Industrial Technician
    Median Salary: $72,800.00

    Industrial technicians examine the efficiency and mechanics of processes in their specific field and making recommendations for improving them. They may focus on one of several different specialization areas, such as construction, management or drafting. Most candidates will have an associate’s degree or higher.

    Job openings for industrial technicians.

    Registered Nurse
    Median Salary: $74,672.00

    Canada’s aging population is causing an increased demand for healthcare workers of all kinds. Most of the skills trending for increased demand in online job postings show hot hiring in the data, technology, and healthcare sectors. Nurses have been in particularly high demand for several years now.

    Here are some open registered nursing jobs.

    Financial Administrator
    Median Salary: $83,990.40

    A financial administrator manages accounts receivables and payables. An educational background in business, finance or economics is essential. You may also need a CPA and/or MBA. You should be good at number crunching, report analysis and communicating. People who are terrible with money should not apply.

    View some financial administrator job openings.

    Health Care Manager
    Median Salary: $90,625.60

    As mentioned, Canada’s population is getting older. This year saw more Canadians aged 65 and over than under age 15 for the first time. This means the health care sector will keep growing as we need more people to operate hospitals, clinics and labs, as well as seniors’ centres and retirement homes.

    Available healthcare manager jobs.

    Software Engineer
    Median Salary: $85,342.40

    Software engineers combine expertise in computer science, engineering and mathematics to design, develop and test software for various uses. As technology takes over more and more aspects of our daily lives, this field will continue to experience robust growth for the foreseeable future.

    Software engineering jobs on Workopolis.

    Health & Occupation Inspector
    Median Salary: $70,720.00

    Given that there is increased public awareness of public health, environmental, and occupational health and safety issues, the number of inspectors should continue to grow. Candidates generally require a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) or a university bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to the specialty: food science, the environment, chemistry or health and safety – plus certification.

    Health inspector jobs available now.

    Senior Business Manager
    Median Salary: $97,136.00

    These are some of the top jobs, the decision makers and executives in private sector industries such as finance, telecommunications, engineering and high-tech. Top level managers have usually worked their way up through the ranks in their field.

    Take a look at some senior management positions open on Workopolis.

    Health & Community Services Manager
    Median Salary: $100,006.40

    These are leadership roles in health, education, social and community services. They can include high-level jobs in fields from parks and recreation to employment support to healthcare and more. Generally public sector jobs with solid pay and benefits.

    View some health and community services manager jobs.

    Public Administration Director
    Median Salary: $99,195.20

    High-level bureaucrats earn close to the six-figure mark, but this takes working your way up through the ranks of the civil service. (And surviving the winds of political change.) However, to get started all you need is generally a relevant university degree and (especially for federal government jobs) bilingualism.

    Here are some public administration director job openings on Workopolis.

    Engineering Managers
    Median Salary: $94,993.60

    Engineering Managers are responsible for supervising engineering firms, research and development departments, or engineering teams in industrial fields. These candidates are much sought after across fields for their combination of technical skills with leadership abilities.

    Engineering manager jobs are available on Workopolis.

    Statistician & Actuary
    Median Salary: $89,606.40

    The sudden upsurge of available data created by the online economy has led to a massive demand for professionals who are able to interpret big data and create mathematically sound strategies. Study math, kids. High paying, high demand roles in finance, technology, engineering and more all require advanced math skills.

    View actuarial jobs or statistics jobs on Workopolis.

    Air Traffic Controller
    Median Salary: $87,360.00

    It’s commonly known as one of the most stressful jobs in the world. But if you can hack it, you can make a good living. You will need a high school diploma, a basic radio telephone operator’s licence, completion of a NAV Canada training program, and an air traffic controller’s licence.

    Air traffic controller jobs available on Workopolis.

For more information about Canada’s top jobs ranking, the methodology for the rating, the country’s top employers, and more, check out the full Best Jobs report from Canadian Business Magazine.

Note: Canadian Business‘ research was done a few months ago, and so included numerous jobs in the natural resources and oil and gas sectors which have experienced slowdowns in growth and hiring throughout the year. We’ve excluded these from our coverage.

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