If you live in Canada and hate your employer, maybe you should try to get in a the door at one of these companies.

Glassdoor has released its annual Employees’ Choice Awards of the best places to work in Canada. The winners are chosen based on employee ratings and reviews.

Here are the top 25, along with their rating out of 5 and a sample employee comment taken from Glassdoor.

1. Earls Kitchen + Bar

“The People. Working alongside such talented, inspiring, motivated individuals has made my quality of life that much greater. The support I have is next to none, and every day I am pushed to reach my goals both personally and professionally. The leadership team is extremely close and it is amazing to experience a team of such highly qualified individuals work so well together and respect each other as much as they do.”

2. Ceridian

“Ceridian matches an excellent and exciting corporate culture with a truly winning product. The high energy that comes from market success relays into a motivated and positive team.”

3. Apple

“[Fast growth] if you work for it – great management team and coaching – great place to learn how to multitask like a champion – discounts (ton of them).”

4. Salesforce

“Salesforce is a great place to work with a bunch of top notch people and an awesome culture. If you are the kind of person who likes holding yourself against others and being in a healthy competitive environment, this is a good fit. The opportunities to progress are tied to results and management will work to help you find a path if one isn’t working for you.”

5. Ericsson-Worldwide
“Excellent to work with leading edge technologies and customers around the globe.”

6. ATB Financial

“An amazing organization, all around. Large enough to have the important bits in place: amazing benefits, progressive campuses and head office, lots of like-minded folks to collaborate and do amazing work with, and an actual, tangible emphasis on work/life balance. High hiring standards puts you in good company.”

7. lululemon

“This company is a real & authentic as its people. Very rare! In fact, in my more than 20 years being in the work world, I have never seen or heard of a company who supports their people more to grow & develop into great leaders. Its also a super fun place to work and the work culture is awesome! Like the 7 limbs of yoga ;-)”

8. Royal Bank of Canada

“RBC is a diverse workplace, ever changing, always challenging and very rewarding. I am continuously exposed to new environments and scenarios. I truly feel that during my years at RBC I have developed far more than at any other employment.”

9. Manulife

“Flexible working conditions excellent (new) office environment and technology that allows us to be efficient good management that wants to achieve good results.”


“Friendly coworkers that are typically willing to collaborate to reach a common goal. Company has very good values by putting customers first, enabling a sustainable future, contributing to the local community, and fostering growth with employees.”

11. Electronic Arts

“Stable, great campus, good benefits.”

12. GE

“Good work/life balace – good talent – fantastic community involvement.”

13. Enbridge

“Professional, care for employees and community, great benefit[s].”

14. Ubisoft

“It was a great work environment and the people were absolutely great there, lots of work got done and everyone works hard.”

15. Air Canada

“Travel, meeting new people, culture.”

16. Starbucks

“Great benefits and healthcare coverage Structured training Good management Flexible hours.”

17. Suncor

“Great environment, friendly people, company seemed to appreciate their employees as they showed it by giving, for eg. balloons and chocolate out to each rep, because it was a busy time and everyone was chipping in great. Nice supervisors. Reps felt supported.”

18. American Eagle Outfitters

“Advancement, store potlucks, store group events. The staff and management are very friendly and most are knowledgeable about the products they sell.”

19. Softchoice

“They let you handle your book of business how you see fit, and if your methods aren’t working, they coach you to help you be more successful. They have a great record of promoting from within, and your boss is bound to be someone who excelled at your job and can assist you.”

20. Paladin Security Group

“It’s easy entry and their is a huge range of sites and shifts to choose from. Advancement opportunities are common at first but become very competitive higher up, still a motivated individual can go far.”

21. TD Bank

“Good benefits and compensation. Room to progress career in different business lines.”

22. EY

“Great employee culture. Diverse and interesting clients. Respectable work-life balance policies.”

23. Accenture
“Great people, great client, solid projects, plenty of opportunities.”

24. Microsoft

“Good employees, fun to work with. Happy to have worked with them. Great pay and awesome boss [I was] happy to be around.”

25. Bombardier
“I was respected, protected, enabled, trusted, given a chance to express my creativity, treated fairly, paid decently, ensured and pensioned with dignity.”