Employer branding firm Universum surveyed 25,107 university and college students from 186 schools across Canada to determine the most coveted employers by the latest generation of talent to enter the job market.

Here are the top five employers ranked as ideal by students across various fields of study:


    1 Google
    2 Microsoft
    3 Apple
    4 Bombardier
    5 Ubisoft


    1 Google
    2 EY (Ernst & Young)
    3 Apple
    4 The Walt Disney Company
    5 United Nations


    1 Health Canada
    2 The Hospital for Sick Children
    3 Doctors Without Borders
    4 Canadian Cancer Society
    5 University Health Network

Arts/Education/Social Sciences:

    1 United Nations
    2 The Walt Disney Company
    3 Human Resources and Social Development Canada
    4 Google
    5 The Hospital for Sick Children


    1 Canadian Department of Justice
    2 United Nations
    3 Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
    4 Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
    5 RCMP

Natural Sciences:

    1 Health Canada
    2 Natural Resources Canada
    3 The Hospital for Sick Children
    4 Doctors Without Borders
    5 Canadian Cancer Society

The data from the 2015 Universum Student Survey was collected between September 2014 and January 2015.

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