Canadian Business recently released its new list of Canada’s 100 Best Jobs.

To create the list, Canadian Business measured employment growth, median compensation, and the change in median and projected demand for those jobs. See the full explanation here.

All of the jobs pay a minimum salary of $60,000, show projected growth, and are actively hiring.

Here are the top ten jobs with their median salaries and information on the requirements to land them.

Lawyer – $79,997

Law is a saturated market, so lawyers are specializing in fields like tax and immigration law. Obviously you need a law degree but “Law students are increasingly combining the traditional law school degree with another more specialized degree, such as an MBA, to be able to better apply the law to a specialized niche.” According to Robert Half, “Candidates with expertise in litigation, intellectual property and corporate law are seeing the most opportunities.” Lawyer jobs on Workopolis

Public Administration Director – $97,074

These are the people who “supervise elections, maintain relations between the different levels of government and make sure legislatures are functioning properly.” Among the Public Administrators in your neighbourhood are the director of Elections Canada, city planners, and municipal budget directors. Schools offer undergraduate and graduate programs in public administration, and it doesn’t hurt to have a business degree or law degree. According to Canadian Business, many of these positions will earn more than $200,000. Public administration director jobs on Workopolis

Oil & Gas Drilling Supervisor – $72,880

Rig supervisors oversee crews operating oil or gas drilling rigs. You don’t need an education, per se, but safety and management training may be required. And you will need experience. “Supervisors typically work their way through the various drilling crew jobs, beginning as ‘roughnecks’ and progressing up to drilling operator.” Note, however, that being a roughneck is no walk in the park and the job recently made Business Week’s list of the worst jobs with the best pay. Once you make rig manager, you can pull in between $175,000 to $250,000 in Alberta. Oil and gas jobs on Workopolis

Primary Production Manager – $110,240

Primary production managers run production facilities like oil wells, mines and fisheries. According to Service Canada this group includes managers who plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of establishments in the industries of forestry and logging, mining and quarrying, oil and gas drilling, production and servicing operations, and commercial fishing. You will likely need an engineering or forest sciences degree. Production manager jobs on Workopolis

Health Care Manager -$87,360

The population is getting older, which means the health care sector will continue to grow and we will need more people to manage hospitals, labs and retirement homes. Lab managers would have degrees in science while administrators would typically have bachelor’s degrees in public health, public administration or business administration. Masters degrees or additional technical training may also be required. One of the biggest growth areas is genetic testing. Health care manager jobs on Workopolis

Human Resources Manager – $81,994

HR managers may work for businesses, governments or public institutions and are in charge of recruiting, employee engagement, payroll, workplace policies, and, according to Canadian Business, can be at the “centre of big strategic moves like mergers and acquisitions.” Schools offer programs in Human Resources, but you might also study psychology or communications. Managers typically work their way up. Human resources jobs on Workopolis

Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor – $76,960

Head nurses and supervisors oversee the activities of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other nursing personnel in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Again, the rise in this area can be credited to Canada’s aging population. “With Baby Boomers starting to hit retirement age, an estimated 20% of Canadians will be over 65 by 2020.” A combined nursing degree and MBA looks like a good way towards landing one of these positions. Medical supervisor jobs on Workopolis

Social, Community or Correctional Services Manager – $67,600

This covers everything from child welfare administration to coordinating programs and activities at a community outreach organization or recreational facility to being a prison warden – with quite a bit in between. According to Service Canada, such positions usually require “a postsecondary degree or diploma combined with extensive experience in a related position, such as community and social service worker or union advisor. A university degree in social sciences at either the bachelor’s or master’s level would be an asset.” Social services jobs on Workopolis

Financial Manager – $82,992

These senior people are in charge of the money at companies and may work in accounting, auditing, financial planning or risk analysis. “An educational background in business, finance or economics is essential.” You may also need a CPA and/or MBA. You should be good at number crunching, report analysis and communicating. People who are terrible with money need not apply. Financial manager jobs on Workopolis

Electrical & Telecommunications Contractor – $72,800

You start by getting certified as an electrician, which requires a four-year apprenticeship combining on-the-job training and classroom study. Math skills are required. Electricians will work for a company or start their own. Canada is reportedly expected to face a shortage of skilled trades workers as many are nearing the age of retirement, meaning plenty of positions will be opening up. Electrical contractor jobs on Workopolis

See Canadian Business’ full list of Canada’s 100 Best Jobs here.