Canadian employers say that they are planning to hire at a slightly faster rate in the third quarter of 2014, according to Manpower’s latest Employment Outlook survey released this morning.

This regular survey of hiring intentions predicts the slow and steady increases in employment that we have seen for the past few months will continue through the summer and into the fall. Workopolis made a similar prediction last week that job openings would continue to increase in Canada through the summer of 2014.

The Manpower survey of over 1,900 employers across the country shows that 20% plan to increase their staffing levels in the coming months, while only 4% expect to reduce staff. Most employers, 74%, say that they plan to maintain their current staff size. Those results do not include seasonal adjustments.

While this report indicates a slowdown in hiring, the news is better for certain regions and industries than others. Amongst the employers surveyed, those in Construction were expecting the healthiest hiring climate. Manufacturing companies predict the least hiring of the ten industries surveyed.

“A modest hiring climate is projected for the second quarter of 2014, with new business growth at its weakest in five months,” said Byrne Luft, Vice President of Operations for Manpower Canada. “There are some bright spots amidst the slow growth, with employers in the Construction and Transportation & Public Utilities industry sectors expecting the strongest gains. However, job growth is expected to be slower in Ontario and Quebec, with limited advances in full-time work expected for the coming quarter.”

Industries predicting the most hiring for Q3 of 2014

Industries predicting the least hiring

Regions expecting to see increased hiring in Q3 of 2014

    Red Deer, Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta
    St. John’s, Newfoundland
    Richmond-Delta, British Columbia
    Brampton, Ontario
    Calgary, Alberta

Areas expecting the least hiring

    Windsor, Ontario
    Monteregie, Quebec
    Northumberland, Ontario
    Niagara Falls, Ontario
    Ottawa, Ontario

The results are summarized in the infographic below. Click the image to view a full-sized version. You can also read the full report at or download the PDF.


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