The Chinese rang in the Year of the Rooster on January 28th, and based on astrological forecasts, job seekers have reason for optimism. Think that’s a lot of baloney? Fair enough, but remember, when you’re looking for a positive career change, inspiration can come in many different forms … even that of a Rooster.

To get some insight and predictions for the year ahead, we spoke to Chinese astrologer and Feng Shui master Paul Ng.

A year of change

“This year is a fire Rooster year,” says Ng. “This typically signifies a year of change, with a lot of compromises and negotiation, but overall, it’s a good year for new careers and finding good jobs. There will be a lot of restructuring of companies and corporations in the year ahead, and whether people like it or not, there will be forces pushing them to make changes.”

If that sounds ominous, Ng believes job seekers just need to be selective about potential career opportunities.

“Anything to do with customer support, or support functions in banks, for example, may be in some trouble this year. Jobs that involve working with your hands will be much more stable, but it’s also important this year, more than ever, to look at changes and trends in technology. People need to start thinking about what jobs can be replaced by technology because those changes are coming, and we’ll start to feel that this year,” says Ng, adding that certain industries will fare better than others.

“Based on the important elements for the year, I think anything involving metals will do well. So the auto industry, for example, would be a good industry to look at for jobs, especially in sales. There will also be a lot of people traveling this year, even with what’s happening in the US, so industries involving transportation and logistics should do well,” he says.

How to use Feng Shui to optimize your job search

To improve your chances of finding a new job, Ng suggests optimizing the spot where you’ll be doing the bulk of your job searching.

“The wealth centre is on the east; so facing in that direction will be positive for anything related to careers or finances. If your home entrance faces east, that’s good, but if not, you can move your desk or chair to face that direction. You can also measure out the middle of your home, figure out where the eastern wall is, and place a piggy bank there,” Ng says.

There are, however, some exceptions to facing east.

“The learning centre is on the northeast side, so if you’re in school or training for a new job or promotion, keep that in mind when you’re choosing a place to study,” Ng says, adding that your personal element might also come into play.

“If people’s personal element is earth, facing east might go against them. To balance that out, use something red, like a floor mat, or some sort of red decoration or object on your desk,” he says.

If that last warning freaked you out, click here to find out your Chinese personal element. And if you’re curious about what else you can do to cover your bases, Ng suggests following general Feng Shui principles, at home and at the office.

“There are a few things you should always avoid: your desk should not, for example, be facing an entrance, especially when there’s a long hallway behind it; don’t sit next to a toilet; and never face or have your back to a bureau,” he says.

Why? “Because it would be bad. Very bad.”

Got it? Good. Now go out there and get that new job!