It can be difficult for creative types to find careers. Where to put your drawing, thinking, and writing talents to good use?

One important thing is to do away with the notion that there is some dividing line between creatives and non-creatives. Lawyers aren’t necessarily considered a terribly creative bunch but they often have to get plenty creative looking for solutions, loopholes, and defenses, depending on their beat. Sales can require creative thinking. So can teaching, and pretty much any job, really.

But here I’ve made a list of careers more traditionally viewed as “creative,” though leaving out the obvious, like actor, dancer, clothing designer, musician, and artist or sculptor. It’s not that you can’t do well at these things but it’s a crapshoot. And creatives often don’t realize that there is actually a whole world of careers out there where you can be creative and still make a steady paycheque – and that might even be more rewarding that spending your days locked up working on that novel.

Here are 10 of them.

(Note: the reality for many tech jobs is that you have to leave Canada to make decent money. In Silicon Valley, for example, the average intern makes more than the average Canadian. I’ve noted a couple of US salaries where it seemed worthwhile.*)

Nine jobs for creatives that can pay from $80,000 – $120,000

Writer: “Writer” can mean anything from novelist or poet to journalist or content creator, to who else knows what. A freelance writer who writes blogs and web or magazine content is always on the hustle, so it’s not an easy job for shy types – but the job allows you to explore any range of subjects, to express yourself and to use your voice – and if you’re good it can pay well, because not many people are.

Salary – $30,618 – $85,800 (but I know freelance writers who make six figures in Canada)

[Writer jobs on Workopolis]

Architect: Architects create houses, office buildings, shopping centres, restaurant…every building in a city was created by an architect, and the greatest architects – Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe – are world renowned as artists in their own right. You’ll need both creative and practical skills – design, engineering, managing – and either a degree in architecture from a university program accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB), or to get in the ‘apprenticeship’ Syllabus Program offered by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).

Salary – $38,397 – $110,677

Executive chef: I wonder if there has ever been a more exciting time to be a chef than right now, with the ready availability of just about any ingredient and the public’s high interest in food culture and openness to trying just about anything. It can be a high stress gig, but for some food lovers it’s a dream. High school may be required, along with trade certification – required in every province – management training and lots of experience, which you get in the kitchen.

Salary: $39,864 – $84,970 – but the top chefs can <a href="" target="_blank">reportedly make a lot more.

[Executive chef jobs on Workopolis]

Software designer: Software design is one part of software development that requires math and programming skills, as well as creative vision and problem solving. Commonly, software designers will have a bachelor’s in computer science or software engineering, and maybe a master’s, but we all know that guy/girl who taught themselves everything they need to know in their own basement.

Salary – $50,003 – $122,990

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Video game designer: Video game designers work with a team that includes programmers and artists to create a game’s concept, setting, characters, story, structure and mode of play. You obviously need tech skills and an appreciation for and deep understanding of gaming, and might need high school or a bachelor’s degree.

Salary – $34,810 – $70,547

In the US, the average is higher and the upper end listed at $121,230.

[Technology and digital media jobs on Workopolis

Art director: An art director is responsible for the visual style and images in ads, magazines, newspapers, movie and TV/Web productions, and on product packaging. They work for places like ad agencies, print media publishers, design services firms, and theatre, film and video game production houses. You’ll probably need a bachelor’s degree in an art or design major, plus work experience in your field.

Salary – $40,127 – $86,696

US – $63,306 – $123,760

[Art director jobs on Workopolis]

Videographer: Got a great visual sense? Videographers typically shoot smaller projects like commercials, documentaries, weddings and batmitzvahs, that sort of thing. You might work freelance or for a production house. There are any number of ways in like a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in something like video production, or self teaching. This is not the highest paid job on the list but it could be perfect for someone with a keen eye and an adventurous nature.

Salary – $29,994 – $87,360

[Videographer jobs on Workopolis]

Public relations manager: A PR manager is in charge of a client’s public image, a responsibility that can range from managing social accounts and writing media pitches to doing damage control when the client is caught in a pants-down DUI fleeing the scene of a crime. Creative thinking and problem solving are musts, along with excellent communications and writing skills. You might need a bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, or something related.

Salary – $69,579 – $123,487

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Marketing manager: The marketing manager is in charge of the marketing of a business or product. Essentially, you over see creatives as well as manage the budget and timelines and all the businessy things in between. So, you need both a creative mind and a practical one. Marketing managers typically have bachelor’s degrees in marketing or business administration. Some employers might want a graduate degree. You’ll also need experience in marketing, which can be gotten in a variety of jobs like writing to PR to product management.

Salary – $41,142 – $130,000

[Marketing jobs on Workopolis]

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