This won’t come as a surprise to just about any woman out there, but I kind of have a thing for firemen.

There’s a fire station near a local grocery store, and when I see those guys in there, looking all hot and adorable in their fireman outfits and picking out tomatoes, I get all flustered. They’re so…well… they’re FIREMEN!


They face danger and save lives on the regular, because that’s what they chose to do with their lives. THAT is sexy.

So, it came as a total shock to me that fireman didn’t make this list of the most desirable professions of 2012-2013. I mean, really?**

The list is the 14th annual, compiled by Mary Balfour, author of Smart Dating: how to find your man, and founder of UK dating agency, Drawing Down the Moon. It’s based on the most frequently requested professions for the perfect partner at her agency.

So, what profession are the ladies looking for in a man? Doctor came first, followed by architect, and in third place was the more general “creative profession,” which could really mean anything from an author, to the creative director at an ad agency, to a graffiti artist.

When it came to men seeking ladies, the most requested profession was human rights lawyer (dudes love an altruist, I guess, but that’s kind of weirdly specific, no?), followed by journalist and website designer.

A press release postulates that, “The survey suggests that women are now looking for a mate who is in a creative or caring field rather than a high-powered banker. Although earning power may be important when choosing a mate, job satisfaction, authority, plus concern with the human condition rate highly as turn-ons with both men and women when it comes to sex appeal amongst today’s successful professionals. “

Could be.

More musings include the suggestion that “The human rights lawyer combines a desire to put wrongs to right with a strong ability to keep cool in a drama, an alluring combination with relationship appeal.”

And, “Sensitive and artistic as well as pragmatic, architects and graphic designers are perceived as stylish and cool.”

What do you think? Are human rights lawyers and doctors the most desirable on your list? How about architects?

Here are the top ten most attractive professions for men and women in 2012-2013, according to Balfour:

2012/13 Mr Right

    1. Doctor
    2. Architect
    3. Creative profession
    4. Furniture maker
    5. Film maker
    6. Academic
    7. Entrepreneur
    8. Graphic designer
    9. Environmental Scientist
    10. Engineer

2012/13 Ms Right

    1. Human Rights Lawyer
    2. Journalist
    3. Website designer
    4. Photographer
    5. Marketing
    6. Advertising
    7. Events manager
    8. Creative
    9. PR
    10. Architect

**My boss Peter Harris suggests that the reason firemen don’t make the list is because, while they are attractive, one might not a want a life partner one has to worry about all the time. This actually makes sense. My imaginary fireman boyfriend always makes it home, however.