Looking for a job is never an easy task. Who wouldn’t be frustrated in the job search? Luckily it’s a normal part of the process and should be expected. However, too much frustration can lead to job search paralysis and become debilitating. Some say, the longer you are unemployed, the more difficult it is to envision success on the other side. But, wait! Maybe your job search has just hit a few roadblocks and you are just temporarily ‘stuck in the mud.’ Frustration can lead to opportunity. There’s help!

Here are eight of the top job search frustrations and how to deal with them:

    No Response From Employers – Nobody likes to be ignored. You spent a lot of time writing a great cover letter and polishing your resume only to send out and hear nada? What gives? Don’t let it bother you. Employers receive tons of resumes, especially for posted positions. Keep sending them out and talking to others. The more you distribute, the greater your chances of getting a response. Try connecting with someone in the firm on sites such as LinkedIn. Keep at it and you’ll eventually get your foot in the door.

    I’m Procrastinating – Ah, yes. The, I’ll get around to it tomorrow syndrome. We all procrastinate at times, but it can be a huge obstacle in the job search. You need a definite plan. Write down specific tasks you must accomplish every single day. Don’t try to do it all in one day and then take two days off. Be consistent. Spend every morning tackling a list of things to do. You’ll feel more productive and better about yourself when you accomplish tasks on a regular basis.

    Online Job Search Not Working – Every expert will tell you that you should never ignore online opportunities in your job search. That is true. Social media sites, job boards, employer websites, career blogs are all an important component to a successful job search. But don’t concentrate solely in this one area. Get out there and meet others! People remember those they meet face-to-face much more than someone they encountered online.

    Too Many People Applying For the Same Job – You are correct when you assume that too many people are applying for the same job. That is why you need to think about the hidden job market. What is the hidden job market? It is those jobs that are not posted or advertised by employers. Most employers that are progressive are always looking for good people. Don’t chase posted jobs. Go after positions and companies that you’d like to work for. Don’t give up on this strategy!

    Job Search is More Difficult than Expected – Most people are shocked at how difficult the job search can be. You are just one of many job seekers out there. Ask yourself – How can you stand out from other job seekers? What makes you different from other job seekers? Maybe you have learned another language, know special technical skills, or are an excellent communicator. You just need to market yourself in a different way. Talk yourself up!

    I’m Not Meeting the Right People – No matter how you slice it, the job search is about networking. Think about where people in your field congregate. Joining a professional association is a great way to find other influential people in your industry. Maybe there is a local bar or restaurant situated near an employer’s place of business. Check it out! Think outside the box.

    I’m Not Qualified For Positions – Whether you are under qualified, or over qualified, not meeting the requirements of an employer is going to be a huge stumbling block in your job search unless you tackle it head on. Maybe you need some extra training for your position. Don’t dismiss further education as an option. If you are over qualified, you need to focus on skills and accomplishments rather than job titles. Emphasize teamwork and your cutting-edge knowledge.

    I’ve Lost My Confidence – Is it easier to ignore the job search, rather than face it? Would you prefer to visit the dentist than spend one more day searching for work? You may have just temporarily lost your confidence. It happens. Pick yourself up and practice some of these self-confidence building exercises – think positive, wear nice clothes, be generous to someone, smile, focus on solutions, kill negative thoughts, and don’t forget to exercise. Set small goals in the job search and achieve them. You’ll break through the confidence barrier in no time!

We all could use a dose of reality at times – the job search can be extremely frustrating! Don’t let it derail your career goals and aspirations. Create a well-rounded job search plan and stick to it. Expect that frustration will be part of the process and move forward. Those with determination, endurance and perseverance will have the ultimate job success. Good luck!


Kevin Makra is the President of Sentor Media Inc., and founder of DirectoryOfCareers.ca. He can be reached at kmakra@sentormedia.com.