OK, so it’s not exactly news that it pays to be attractive. We all know that pretty people make more money and just do generally better in life than their homelier counterparts. But, how much better? That’s a good question.

Exactly how much is being really, really, really good looking worth?

Ten per cent more than being unattractive, on average, over a lifetime, according to this infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management. The graphic also looks at how much more or less likely you are to get called for an interview, depending on how attractive you are, as well as specifics like how much more money it pays to be tall (about 25% more per foot), and how much more or less it pays to be over or under average weight.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the claim that women in glamorous makeup are judged as more competent than those in no makeup or natural makeup. I can’t quite figure out where these findings come from or what the numbers are out of – though one might assume five – but it appears they might come from this study commissioned by Covergirl owner Proctor & Gamble.

I feel compelled to say that we at Workpolis do not recommend wearing “glamorous” makeup to work or to job interviews.

Check out the infographic.

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