The job interview is make or break time. There is so much to cram into that hour or so with the hope of convincing the person on the other side of the desk to hire you – to trust you, essentially, to give you a title and tasks, and to regularly give you money.

Increase your chances by saying all the right things (and none of the wrong ones). While answering the most common job interview questions, like “What’s your biggest weakness?” and “Why should we hire you?” do your best to utter as many of the following phrases as you can.

I’m excited about this opportunity because…”

We once asked hiring managers, what the one quality was, all things being equal with skills and qualifications, that would set one candidate above another. The top answer by a landslide was “enthusiasm.” Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role by spelling out that you are excited and why.

“I really enjoy [insert product or service offered by the company]”

Employers want you to be familiar with the company and its products and services. Even better if you’re a fan. Coca Cola is more likely to hire people who consume Coke products than those who don’t. Apple is probably less likely to hire PC users. You get it.

“What I can contribute to your organization is …”

What do you bring to the table that makes you valuable? Don’t just say that you have ten years of experience. Spell out what you can do. “I can grow your traffic through social media, SEO, and newsletters,” or “I can increase efficiency and productivity…”

“If I were in this role, one of the things I would keep my eye on is [insert industry trend]”

Whether we’re talking about finance, fashion, or fishing, it’s imperative that you know what is going on in your industry. What technological disruptions or challenges are presenting themselves and how are they being handled, for example? Show that you are on top of things.

“I admire the way you…”

Demonstrate with this phrase that you have noticed something the company does well. Everyone enjoys a compliment, and it shows that you’re paying attention and are familiar with what the organization does.

At the end of the day, the hiring manager wants to know one thing: are you the best person for the job?

The best person for the job, regardless of what it is, will have to demonstrate that he or she knows what’s happening in the industry, has researched the company and role, and possesses the skills and qualifications to do the job and help the company grow.

Those are the key elements – combined with cultural fit – that will land you the job. Be ready to show that you’re the one.

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