1. You Have a Bad Resume or Cover Letter

Having a strong, professional resume strongly enhances your chances of being called for job interviews and is vital to increasing your career opportunities. Many resume services will provide you with free resume critiques and this valuable feedback can be used to improve your resume. If you are in school, visit your career services centre and get free resume advice from a career professional.

2. You Are Engaged in Negative Social Networking

Your social networking profiles may be criticized by hiring professionals. According to a study conducted by Reppler, who provides social media monitoring services, more than 90% of recruiters and hiring managers have visited a candidates profile online during the hiring process. Research also determined that 69% of recruiters have rejected a candidate based on information found online. Check out the study’s conclusions below to see what might prevent you from getting hired: [Infographic.]

3. You Are Not Following Up with Employers After Sending Your Resume or Completing an Interviewing

If you have not heard from an employer after sending your resume then it may mean they are not interested or that they never received your resume. A survey conducted by Robert Half International, discovered that 82% of executives say candidates should contact hiring managers via e-mail, phone or personalized letter within two weeks of sending their resume. In addition, after sending your resume, send a follow up thank-you letter after your interview to let the employer know you are interested in the job and really enjoyed meeting with them.

4. You Do Not Know What the Employer Wants

If you focus on communicating what you want, for example on high pay, advancement opportunities and flexible work hours, you will NOT get the job. Instead, focus on what the employer wants, which may be things like; a team player, leadership ability, and/or communication skills. To know want the employer may want, do your research before the interview. If you ask interview questions such as “What’s your biggest challenge”, “Describe to me your best employee and the skill sets they have” and by simply asking the employer directly “What is it that you need right now in a new employee”, you will increase your chances of getting the job. You must realize that after you have convinced the employer that you are capable of giving them everything they want, they will be more interested in giving you everything you want.

5. You are Procrastinating

After a very long job search, it is normal to get frustrated and worried. However, you need to continue networking, applying for positions and following up with employers. If you do something to advance your chances of securing employment every day you will be more likely to succeed.


Ozzie Saunds is the founder/owner of www.ResumeToronto.ca and the InspiredMinds Group. Have a question about your resume? Email him at ozzie.saunds@resumetoronto.ca