Can you believe it? 2015 is here! I for one will be writing 2014 on all my cheques for the foreseeable future, but as reality sets in I’m hopeful for the year that lies ahead. The wonderful thing about ushering in a new year is that we all get a chance to wipe the slate clean. Whatever obstacles that seemed to set us back in the past can all be forgotten. We have permission to start a fresh new approach in the New Year!

A new beginning may be the perfect plan for your job search as well. The challenges you may have faced last year can now be chalked up to a learning experience. In 2015, think about a whole new way of achieving career success. Embark on something completely different. Something you may not have even considered in the past. It’s time to for some new job search tactics!

Here are five ways to power up your job search for the New Year:

Differentiate Yourself: Instead of using the old, traditional job search methods, think about how can you rise above the crop and get noticed. How can you separate yourself from current job seekers? How can you reach employers on their turf? Find out where decision makers within a company congregate. Perhaps it’s at an industry conference. Maybe they belong to a local trade association. Perhaps they give expert opinions on a popular industry blog. These are the places you need to be. Join an industry association and be part of a speaker series, or regularly post on an influential blog. Get noticed.

Network Like Never Before: For many job seekers, networking is simply a buzz word. It is something that implies a cumbersome, intrusive task that is imposed on us to be successful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For me, networking is a two-way communication, rather than a one-sided exercise. Networking is about sharing, both giving and receiving. In fact, I love talking to people about my passion for work, and I love listening to other people’s experiences as well. Tell people about your true, passionate job search goals and be willing to listen to others in return. That is true networking. People are eager to help those who want to help themselves.

Become an Expert in Your Field: How well do you know the industry you would like to work in? What are the major issues facing your industry? Who are the major players in your chosen field? Employers seek to hire those who are willing to go the extra mile. Learn everything you can about your industry. Explore social media and find what others are writing about as it pertains to your trade. Becoming an expert will not only differentiate you from other job seekers, but also provide you with glowing confidence in preparing for a job interview. Do your homework and research like a pro.

Expand Your Social Media Reach: Social media is a great job search tool, but it is often used in a passive manner. Regularly post and connect with others on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to further your job search strategy. Becoming an active participant is the name of the game and social media will allow you to meet people you may never have met otherwise. These new contacts can provide valuable insight and information, so nurture them. Don’t rely exclusively on social media in your job search, but use it wisely to connect, share and learn.

Check Out Start-Ups or Smaller Companies: Job searchers typically seek positions within larger companies. While these companies may be more recognizable in the market, they don’t do as much hiring as you think. It is the start-ups and small companies where a large portion of hiring occurs. Do some research and make a list of some smaller firms in your industry. These smaller companies may not always have an opening available, but may be open to hiring if you show them how you are able to make the company money. They are definitely worth exploring.

Use this new beginning to shake up your job search and set some resolutions that will jump start your job search. Small changes in your job plan can make a big difference in the outcome. Think about new ways to approach your employment search and start 2015 off with a bang. Happy New Year!


Kevin Makra is the President of Sentor Media Inc., and founder of He can be reached at

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