To send a thank you letter after an interview or not, that is the question.

Actually, there’s really no question about it. You always send a thank you letter after an interview. A follow up letter keeps the momentum alive. It keeps you top of mind for the hiring manager, and is a polite way to say that you appreciate their taking the time to meet with you.

Thank you letters also:

    • highlight your strengths


    • reinforce your interest in the job


    • provide you with an opportunity to address any objections


    • support your professional brand


    • reiterate the agreement about what the next steps are


    • might be the only one the interviewer gets


  • show off your written communication skills


1. Open the letter with a power phrase. Recall and ask about something personal you discussed at the interview.

“I hope your Thanksgiving plans turned out as you had hoped, it sounded like you put a lot of thought into making the dinner special.”

2. Thank them for arranging the interview on ____ date about ____ position.

3. Recall an important part of the conversation that was really relevant to your skills and their needs.

“With the four restructurings I have been involved in over my career it would be exciting to help you all execute the move from Calgary to Red Deer.”

4. Make a general statement that endorses how your key skills and values match those of the position.

“The companies I have worked with in the past so closely match the values that are important at your company that it is easy to see how we can execute a smooth transition together.”

5. List 3-5 BOLDED values or strengths that speak to your point.

•   Stay calm in the face of adversity. With so many people affected and so much ‘stuff’ to move, it is easy to get ruffled. I am a calm, strategic thinker who sets up a plan and sticks to it, so things get done.

•   Work as a team. This move involves everyone. We’ll all meet first and decide upfront who is good at what and who likes to do what and what do they hate doing as far as moving is concerned.

6.   Close with a power close.

“I look forward to hearing from you once you have determined your short list. In the mean while, if I can answer any further questions or you need to know anything else about my offerings, please give me a call or drop me an email at any time.”

If you are working with a recruiting firm they may want to see your follow up or thank you letter before you send it off, check with them when you sign on as a candidate.

One of my client’s rode his bicycle 40 kilometers to hand deliver a letter immediately after an interview, talk about going the extra mile!


Clarke, Career Specialist and Corporate Trainer

Author of Networking How To Build
Relationships That Count
and How To Get A Job and Keep It