Young people often have a difficult time decided what they want to be when they grow up, so some folks at Employment and Social Development Canada are designing a game to help. It’s a proposal that’s still in the “maybe” stages.

Postmedia reports that “The proposed game would allow teens to make career and education decisions and, based on real-time labour market information, see how those choices affect their future employment.”

So, it’s no Halo.

The ESDC says, “We want to take the engagement youth feel when playing games, link that to (government of Canada) data so that youth can have a ‘serious game’ to use as a tool to make education and career choices so that they don’t waste time, money and effort on training and education that won’t get them a good job.”

While there were once Service Canada youth centres, those were shut down in 2012, and the government has been focusing on online efforts. The Services for Youth Canada online presence includes a Facbook page with 914 likes at time of writing, and a YouTube channel featuring informational videos with titles like “Interview Etiquette,” and “How to Find a Job in the Hidden Job Market.”

The decision to close the centres, which opened seasonally, was met with criticism. The government defended the move, however, pointing out that attendance at the centres had declined dramatically. For example, in 2006, 5,700 students visited the youth centre in Montreal, while just 650 visited in 2011, the Huffington Post reported.

Nova Scotia Liberal MP and Party Critic for Finance and National Revenue, Scott Brison, isn’t too enthused about any of it, apparently. He’s quoted as saying, “The youth employment centres were providing value. Instead of wasting money on gimmicks, the government should reopen the youth employment centres they closed.”

According to Postmedia, a note on a presentation given by the ESDC reads, “Admittedly, games don’t sound serious, but games are a legitimate and credible option to solving real problems.”

A bigger concern than whether it will be taken seriously might be that any game designed by the Government will be super lame.