You know by now that sitting is killing you, right?

It was a big hype a few years ago when study results found evidence that sitting all day at work dramatically increased the risk for heart disease and certain cancers, and that exercising before or after work didn’t negate that damage.

The solution? Find a way to work standing up.

I pile a bunch of cardboard boxes on my desk and put my computer on top of the pile. Because I’m fancy.

Even fancier, James Levine, an obesity expert at the Mayo Clinic, came up with a treadmill desk. But San Francisco-based artist Robb Godshaw and developer Will Doenlen didn’t think that desk, which has become popular in Bay Area offices, “presented well as furniture,” according to the Huffington Post. So they created the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk.

The Hamster Wheel desk lets you work in a big wheel and set your own walking pace, something the treadmill desk doesn’t allow you to do.

It also highlights the metaphor people often use to refer to life and work as a hamster wheel. You know, in case you really needed that brought home for you.

There are instructions on Instructables for you to build your own, should you be so inclined.

I think it looks neat (and fancy).

What do you think? Would you use one of these?